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Contests are fun! Thanks for the chance to win.

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I like the idea of 3 months worth of TP set aside in a duffle bag! We have about 3 months worth in general, but I was noticing it keeps getting low as we use them up. I am going to restock tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder!

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Even Rich Dad is preparing. This just tells me people are taking notice and deciding things are not all fine and dandy. BTW saw pics of you, your husband and son on NATGeo Doomsday Prepper page. Look forward to your feature!

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Happy Birthday to you!! I would love to have The ICON Flashlight Rogue 2 because I need a good, reliable and bright flashlight for the office when the power goes out. When Houston had rolling blackouts a couple of months ago, we lost power while I was in the office and it was alarming finding your way in the dark, I actually used my cell phone as a flashlight. This was also the same time I found out our stairwell leads to a locked door several floors down. I would definitely keep the The ICON Flashlight Rogue 2 in my desk emergency kit so I would never have to wander around in the dark again! Thanks and Happy Birthday!!

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Great timely article. I've tried a few ideas and have made some small change, but not enough to replace the main job. Just need to keep trying. With the economy being so shaky we all need other sources of income.

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My advise is to start small, but quickly.
1. Pick up a few extra gallons of water, cans of canned goods that your family likes to eat, extra toilet paper every time you shop.
2. Buy a prepacked First Aid kit (they have one for less that $20 at Sam's or Costco, and add your family's usual meds such as allergy, asthma, diabetes etc if applicable.
3. Pick one skill you'd like to try and get a book or website that shows how: bake a loaf of bread, grow herbs or whatever interests you.
It is easy to feel overwhelmed but if you just concentrate on a few priorities you will be on your way.

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I am actually interested in the Rocket Stove and was curious about how well it cooks. Now I really do want one. Thanks for sharing!

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Since gas prices have increased, we're combining errands and going out less frequently. Will also start walking more. I'm also trying to work from home more, instead of driving to the office. Will be driving the small car instead of the SUV, although the small one already has too many miles on it. Also saving on other budget items to offset the increased gas expense.

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Great timely article. It seems bad news just seemed to escalate these last couple of weeks. Gas prices continue to go up, and food prices are already rising. Definitely not the time to be frivolous.

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I don't make enough of beans and rice. I would love to learn.