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Honestly, screw those people. Please remember that there is a silent majority that loves whatever you can give us.

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You should do what I do and use it as a beer crisper.

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I've been displeased with this season. It took me a while, but I realized it wasn't Capaldi or Clara that I didn't like. It was the writing. Everything seems off from the plot beats, to the characterizations (Clara verbally and physically assaulting the Doctor?), to this overarching story arch with creepy Mary Poppins. Even this week's episode, which was obviously trying to be a new Blink, was so heavy handed and choppy that all the emotional impact was lost. Normally with a new Doctor I settle in after a few episodes. This one is taking much longer.

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Have you seen "Hobbes and Bacon" yet? It's tribute comic that takes place 26 years after Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin has a daughter named Bacon and he gives her Hobbes. It captures both the art and the sensibilities of the original comic. The feels factor is through the roof.

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Feedly. Morning with breakfast and evening after work. All on the laptop since I'm following ~170 webcomics (yes I have a problem). It's a little unwieldy on the iPhone. I do try to click through to the site so that the artists get the ad revenue but if the list is massive I get lazy.

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Earbuds are the real life application of mathematical knot theory. The more and tighter you wind it before you put it in your pocket the more opportunity for knots there are. If you start with an untangled set of earbuds smoosh it together into a ball before pocketing it. When you pull it out of your pocket just hold the end attached to the iPod/phone and let gravity do the work. At worst there will be one or two very loose knots that are easy to pull apart. Works every time.

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I fall on the other end of the career spectrum but I have the same problem. I have a PhD in a hard science and I HATE telling people. I will usually perform conversational back flips to avoid telling people about my job. Once it's out there it's the only thing bother to learn about me. People assume I must be super smart and make tons of money. And I have to reply "No actually I spend most of my day watching liquid drip from a tube and make less than a manager at McDonalds."

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We had something like this for my grad journal club. Ours had a section on laser pointer usage (not enough, just right, gave me motion sickness).

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The tension was built beautifully. Great job.

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It is so wrong because its so true. Though I always imagined that it was a wheel of fortune wheel.