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Wonderful post! The value of work...physical work. Thank you for coming to The High Calling to see what my girls are doing--I will play your video for them, so they can think about the spiritual act of worship in their work, if they have the right mindset.

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I used the basic idea of this salad to make something of my own, and this combination of flavors is fabulous. Thanks for the inspiration!

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I'm going to interrupt all this beauty with a silly joke:

Three guys went out for tea with their wives. (Here, the joke teller inserts three categories, with one being played up as a dunce, like: one was from Ireland, the next was from South Africa, and the third was from America--we'll make the American look like a dunce.)

The first guy, from Ireland, wanted to impress the others with his sweet words to his wife. After the waiter brought tea and sweeteners, he turned to his wife, grinned big, and said with a low, flirtatious voice, "Pass the honey, Honey." She grinned and giggled, winked at him, and passed him the honey, leaning forward to give him a little kiss.

The next guy, from South Africa, realized he, too, wanted to flirt a little with his wife in front of the others. "Pass the sugar, Sugar," he said. She nodded and smiled, letting her fingers linger a little on his hand as she passed him the sugar bowl.

After realizing how smooth the other guys had been, the third guy, the American, realized he'd better come up with something good. He looked around the table, and then turned to his wife and confidently announced, "Pass the tea, Bag."

There you go. I sure do love the honey photo and poem. See how you inspire?

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Even if there were no text, these photos would tell the story. So glad you were willing to share these emotional, precious moments.

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You are amazing. Beauty everywhere, inside and out. Thank you for helping us see what can be done!

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Jenny, those photos will pop into my head, I'm sure, when I'm in line at the store buying gifts.

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Hey, why not ship yourself to Indiana?

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My daughter is going to love this!

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Fabulous! I love this summary of the last week or so under those categories--they get me looking at life from different angles.

I'm interested in those questions about blog vision. Is it journal, forum, creative outlet?

I might add, is it a conversation, where I engage people on a given topic? A laboratory, where I experiment with writing style and explore various topics?

I'm not sure I know the answer, either. Sometimes I write memoir-ish vignettes. How to categorize those?

Anyway, I'm really glad you joined me with a curiosity journal of your own. Love it!

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I need to remember this when I am with my own father. I wouldn't mind some grace from him, but I don't think he knows what it is or how to extend it. So, until that day, should it miraculously come in this lifetime, I need to extend grace to him.
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