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I understand your frustration with the grading system, but what would you propose as an alternative? Do you think that an A in a regular-level class should be worth the same number of points as an A in a college-level biology class? If so, where is the incentive to take more challenging classes? How would you differentiate among all the smart kids who coast in regular-level classes and all finish with a 4.0?

My high school used an even weirder system. It split each letter grade into three levels (e.g. A+, A, and A-) with different points for each. An A+ in a regular class earned 9 points, in an honors class 12, and in a remedial class 6. Our valedictorian's GPA was over 11. The top 10 graduates all had GPAs over 10, I believe.

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Sure did!

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I have no problem with using cameras to issue speeding tickets or red light tickets. Breaking the law is breaking the law, regardless of whether an actual officer pulls you over. If you don't like the traffic laws, take the bus.

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You win. =)

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WWRBS? Not quite as elegant as WWJD, but it works. Let\'s print up some wristbands.

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Good story. Here's a link to it in case anyone else is interested:

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Agreed. I doubt he'll win because I don't think his voice is world-class, but he is a man of great character, which is more important.

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Thanks! So far, the drain stopper isn't working as well as I would like. It does seem to leak water a bit. I have the drain cranked down hard (via pliers and a pipe wrench for leverage), so I doubt the drain itself is the problem. The stopper doesn't seem to seal very tightly when I put it down. It's also a bit wobbly and difficult to raise and lower at times. I'll keep fiddling with it. I don't have any great advice for you, unfortunately. Good luck.

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Um...what about the breast cancer patients whom Jesus doesn't heal?