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I\'m not sure if King intended to have International teams not qualifying for finals compete more than once. In my opinion an event such as Worlds exists to find the top team, so I\'m not personally concerned about whether or not teams not making it to finals get to compete more than once. I understand concerns about the amount of money it costs to attend, but that doesn\'t change my stance on the event being about finding the champion, not making everyone happy.

Also, teams from any country can enter the Senior divisions. For example, there is a team from New Zealand in Semi Limited Coed.

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That\'s a good question I don\'t know the answer to.

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I'm not sure. The link isn't working anymore.

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Sorry for the delay. I thought I approved this comment long ago.

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One of my frustrations with the NFHS is their rule book is not freely available online.

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The 4 reasons I hear the most often for not supporting the USASF are:
1. They don't know about the USASF.
2. They don't see how they will benefit from supporting the USASF.
3. They don't believe the USASF is Independent.
4. They don't believe the USASF is Transparent.

Addressing these issues, which is easier said than done, will lead to increased support.

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I hope you and they are right.

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The door was being opened by the NCSTA before involvement with USAG. Will the relationship with USAG prove to be a good thing? Only time will tell.

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He'll be okay either way. He has a gymnastics facility to go along with the cheer one.