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9 years ago @ Destiny in Bloom - On God and Your Body · 1 reply · +3 points

WOW! WOW! WOW! You just went there! Thank you for taking on a subject from such a heavenly perspective. Sooooo many things stuck out to my heart, but the one I want to really focus one is the "soul submitted and accountable to the truth God feeds my Spirit". 30 + years of hating my body went out the door when I submitted my soul to the truth!! I spent so many years letting the size of my clothes, the number on the scale, & and the opinions of men define my value and worth as a woman. Jan 2012 started a new year, but also a new way of thinking about myself and learning to line up with God's opinions of me. Learning to ask Him how He saw me, what He had planned for my self-abused body, & agreeing with Him. There is supernatural things that happen when you hear, confess, & agree with what He has spoken to your heart. Whewwwwww!! Last year I stopped going after other's success stories and I started asking God to show me my story. The steps I needed to take to love my body again. It wasn't about losing my obese label, it was about gaining an identity in Him. Marissa- thank you for being open, honest, and completely vulnerable!! Oh and cheering me on!! ♥ya!

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Jackee- there is always such a sincerity in your writing. One that invites our hearts to just open up and receive what God has for us in your story. Thank you for sharing the beginning of this journey with us(and giving us the tools), so that we can come along side and join in. And so that we can celebrate through the process. Thank you for boldly stepping out and sharing your heart and life with all of us. Your hope is contagious. ♥♥♥
I so admire you!!!

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"What does “profitable” look like in your life? I have found that when the “permissible” starts to drive my appetites, my time, my thoughts or reshape my relationships it has crossed a line that questions the “profitability” of the activity at hand." I am still chewing on the ah-ha moment(revelation) I had when I read this line earlier this morning. Your gift of writing coupled with the message God's put in your heart to share really hit a tender spot in my heart today. Thank you!! I'm incredibly grateful to have you in my life and get to hear from your heart often. You are a treasure. And I sure hope to read your words via DIB more often in the future. Your writing is so refreshing:) love ya!

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Maree- you have such a gift of encouragement. Your words are straight from the heart of God. I love how God speaks through pictures. Thanks for sharing your heart and encouragement with me always!! You are a blessing to the body! love you!

10 years ago @ Destiny in Bloom - Exceedingly Abundantly · 0 replies · +7 points

Maree- your article was just what I needed to read today. To be again reminded of God's faithfulness, and provision. He is FOR ME. You are such a beautiful example of God's strength. A constant source of encouragement and JOY. Thank you for opening up your heart and being so transparent. I love you friend!!!!

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Absolutely love that image of the balloon Jennifer! Thanks for sharing!!!

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Way to lead the way Mel! I love your heart. Always willing to step out first and lead the way...and tell it like it is. Love always wins. And the silence thing is gonna be a flesh killer for sure!! You are beautiful at being YOU!!!!

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Oh I absolutely loved this article Joanna! Totally motivated my heart to reach out!! Thank you!! Now I need to get off the computer and see who I can invite over:) share, laugh, cry, and eat! ♥it. And I love your heart!! You are beautiful my friend!

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Absolutely loved this post Jillian! My heart is so tender today and this blessed my heart to read! Thank you! ♥

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Now that was a great way to start a Monday morning!! Thanks for the reminder that I am the King's beloved!