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thanks for the info, sam! this is fantastic - just signed up for an account. looking forward to using it!

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great review, wayne! my guess is that ivy would agree that formal education not be thrown out entirely, but that maybe our current model of children's ministry has leaned too far into it. i definitely think we need more formational experiences for our children, while not relying solely on simply passing information onto our children.

looking forward to your next reviews!

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hilarious. i'm at an event this week - trying my darndest to convince everyone to join twitter. so far, no such luck. maybe i'll show them this :)

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great post, wayne! i'm reminding myself of these very words today! blessings on your day -
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any project is better when you are involved, henry!

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thank you, wayne! your comments are wonderful - our hope all along was that this book would serve as the beginning of the conversation, and that each year we would ask ourselves the question, "what matters now?"

i'm really looking forward to hearing more about your word "worldview!" now you've teased us!!
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sam! this is a fantastic resource! any chance you can turn this into a pdf that we could use to pass along to others?

also - are parents the target audience for your facebook page? sometimes i hear from churches who assume a facebook ministry page should be aimed at kids - but i think parents and vols are the perfect audience for something like this!

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oh! if you only had a spreadsheet that helped organize your blogs while you were away! :) have a great vacation!

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wayne, thank you for your kind words! i look forward to your comments after you read the book - i can only imagine all that you will apply!

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