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When I get to work tomorrow, I'll do my best to remember to send you my recipe for play dough. I love it! Though I love "that play doh" smell, making it is better.

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Wow. I really like that perspectivce. I am not an adoptive mother, but I often feel "second" as a step-mother. It is a tough job, but not doing the job would be much tougher!

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I'll print this one and hold onto it.

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Great photo - my oldest is in WA visiting my Mom. This makes me wish I was with them!

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Ahhh! This post scares me and encourages me all at the same time. As our "his-hers-ours" family explores adoption, I am struck by the unimaginable hard this will be. The only advice I can give others is to never expect to love any of your children the same. Love means you give them what they need and they all need different things at different times. I have struggled with similar issues as a stepmother - I don't love him the same way I love the children I birthed, yet I don't love them the same way as one another. Once I forgave myself for the (inner) discrepancies, the outside seemed much more loving! Also, remember to communicate with your spouse - sometimes I just tell mine that so-and-so (and they've all had plenty of turns) is grating on my nerves a little more than the rest and he picks up my slack.

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And, thank you, Laurel, for sharing your story. I can't even imagine.

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Thank you, Margaret, for putting my confusion into words,

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Be sure and check with your OT. I have known kids that loved them and kids that hated them...

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Have you ever posted the question, "What led you to decide to adopt?"

We have rolled this decision around and around in our heads for years now. I pray more often than I can tell you, yet have not gone forward or let it go. I'm curious as to how others came to the understanding that adoption was meant for their family.