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I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 2 months ago, and it has " truly shut me down" on certain days. Being normally a FULL career driven, ministry driven mom of three. I was scared. I couldn't get enough strength to grasp a mayo lid or open a door. As I laid "helpless" as I thought across my bed. I sunk deep inside of me, to find that energy, to find my voice, and find someone to open that Mayo jar.

His name is the Great I am

He's giving me the tenacity to sit in Him, rest in Him (selah)

We sung the particular song last week, called "the great I am" I'm sharing it with you, although I could barely stand to sing it, I rejoiced eventhough. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2Yh4exnBU0&fe...

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My first born…my first chosen born…ushered me into a holy experience with her Creator. Her Protector. The One who said…“No. Not this one. You’re not taking this one. She’s mine.”

simply.....profoundly....moved me to praise HIM.

Great word sis! Love you much!!

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why are there so many taco shops? There's adalbertos, panchos, chicos, marias, international, albertos, Freds, cheech and liza's come bring on some sushi or clam chowder.

I love my vast ocean. I'm here right now it's about 6:37 a.m. It's crashing and wind is blowing (chilly), but not a soul out here except one surfer. today I have 14 3X5 cards in my palm and I am ready to walk as far as my body can today (im fighting some illness) but I am going walk and pray for EACH person on one of those cards. I made a promise. God knows how much beach and how much strength I need.

Know Tam, one of those cards (a yellow with polka dots) has your name on it today!! love ya sis from San Diego!

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You are an amazing mom!
amazing woman of God also!!!
amazing soul!

I am good at drawing the hearts out of souls by listening and discerning!

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I would sit there and listen......

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Hopefully we don't have to wait till 2013 for another video!! This was a puuurfect (thanks Charlie) end of work day!!!

Y'all still got it!!!! :)

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I love what God speaks to me through you, sis.

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I found this when I was going through my writing diary. I wrote this in 2009. But I think it fits this post:


All my zeal and existence is tied up in You
Living for You is the only place I’m at peace
when I truly seek after Your face
when I be the woman You made me to be
When I try and live for You
and I encounter a wall of unknown;
I don’t sit there in fear and question of how to do it
See, You have taken care of me thus far
I won’t worry
just set my heart on You
and know You are my God
and abide in Your love for me
and concern myself with sharing that with everyone
this is my passion
this is my purpose
my calling
this is what You have made me to be
this is what all my talents are for
this is where I can spend all my energy
this is where I can enjoy life and grow
I will dwell on Your love for me
To love and be passionate for the world the same

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Okay I am late to this party..... But hey I'm turning 45 this week (I guess I am old DANG)


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I've been going through Gitz's blogposts :crying: of course but I stumbled on this one today

Before I leave tonight let me leave some words: Tam, it's been since 2007 where our blogsworlds collided. I had just suffered my first TIA stroke, remember?? Nevertheless we have never met in the personal. (I hope to walk the long strand of beach someday) I cherish and love you so much. You are ALWAYS ALWAYS on my heart when I start to pray. I know that omeday you'll be sending me an autographed copy of your book. A dream that I have sat at my computer screen watching it unfold and you get pregnant with. YOU ARE AN AMAZING girlfriend, wife, mom and real-life encourager. God has used you... OHMYLORD yes....
In my life!!
Love you so sis!!!