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Much of Khalid's tactical genius lies in his use of extreme methods. He apparently put more emphasis on annihilating enemy troops, rather than achieving victory by simply defeating them. For instance his employment of the double envelopment maneuver against the numerically superior Persian army at the Battle of Walaja, and his brilliant maneuver at the Battle of Yarmouk where he virtually trapped the Byzantine army between three steep ravines by stealthily capturing their only escape route, a bridge, at their rear. In their mobility, Khalid's troops had no match until the Mongol hordes. In fact the tactics of the desert Arabs and steppe Mongols were identical. His most commonly used maneuver was surprise attack. Some of the most brilliant surprise attacks of Khalid were his night attacks from three sides on Persian camps at Zumail, Muzayyah and Saniyy, his highly mobile army successfully maneuvering in a 100 km area, quickly destroying encampments of the Persians and their Arab allies. The Battle of Maraj-al-Debaj was where once again his highly mobile army maneuvered around a Byzantine army, appearing from four directions and opening several fronts at a time, a maneuver which became one of the Mongol armies' principal maneuvers.

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"Khalid was the architect of most of the early Muslim military doctrines; he was pioneer of almost every major tactics that Muslims used during Early Islamic conquest. One of Khalid's major achievements in this context was utilizing the individual skills of Arab Bedouin warriors to a larger scale. He is believed to have developed them into an almost regular unit called Mubarizun ("champions"), who would issue personal challenges to the enemy officers. These were highly trained and skilled swordsmen, whom Khalid utilized effectively to slay as many enemy officers as possible, giving a psychological blow to enemy morale. The Battle of Ajnadayn is perhaps the best example of this form of psychological warfare. Moreover his biggest achievement was the conversion of Arab tactical doctrine into a strategic system. Until Khalid, the Arabs were basically raiders and skirmishers. Khalid turned those skirmishing tactics into something that could be used anywhere. Thus he would skirmish the enemy to death. Then, after exhausting the enemy units, he would launch his cavalry at their flanks employing Hammer and Anvil tactics."

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Amazing list Jamie.____And special thanks to Mongolia for being the only country in the world to have contibuted nothing to culture while destroying a large part of foreign knowledge.

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What a goddamn mess of a potentially great list. 10 Greatest mathematicians, you say ? More like "10 Mathematicians and/or polymaths that Sexton had heard about & who were, 'coincidentally', all from the west".

Where are the Arab Mathematicians who carried Maths through the dark ages, when Europe was languishing in ignorance ... Seriously, this is a disgrace.Wher are :

Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī
The three Banū Mūsā
Muhammad ibn Jābir al-Harrānī al-Battānī
Abū al-Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī
Omar Khayyám
Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad ibn Ḥasan Ṭūsī
Kamāl al-Dīn Fārisī
Abū Yūsuf Yaʻqūb ibn Isḥāq al-Kindī
Ahmed ibn Yusuf al-Misri

And then, no Indian mathematicians ... That is another absolute howler. How did you miss guys like :

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
P. K. Srinivasan
S. Ramanan
C. P. Ramanujam

& not even notable omissions ... this is just ... sad.

P.S. The grammar sucked too.

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And You guys know that Ali Hayat is 7raul7, right ?

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Awe ... SOME

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To call this list boring & monotonous would be a gross understatement. I mean, can I write a list about how I spent my year in the O' Levels or how I am doing in A Levels? Seriously, this list was just like reading a hipster wannabe's blogposts about how shitty their day was. Their are better things than bitching about your job that can be listed.

LV, I am disappoint :-(

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Aptly put, sir. LV hasn't been itself lately, maybe it'll all change this friday at the launch of the new site. At least I hope it does.

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What is 'sun space' anyways ? & too long. Seriously, you could've condensed it ... somehow. Anyways, average list at best with this kind of fantasy & imaginative speculation. The least you could do was to name this list "10 hypothetical ways the Earth can end" or something.

Man ... I'm tired after reading this huge piece of complete fantasy.