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Me and two buddies started 10:24ish and finished in about 3:30.

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I think Motorola said 8.9 hours or something for the LTE battery life. From BGR's coverage:

"Inside we have an 1800mAh battery, gives you leading edge 12.5hrs of 3G talk time, 8.9hrs of 4G."

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Meh. There are tons of these around. Dialing a phone? I don't see a dial any more. Turning on a light? There is no longer a knob that extends the wick of a oil lantern. Taping a show? Probably not on a tape. They are just colloquialisms at this point.

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I thought Coyote was supposed to be the 7" and the 10" was supposed to be Hollywood. I have my doubts about this guy's information.

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I'm completely dumbfounded at the battery life thing on this tablet. My 7" Galaxy Tab has a 4000+ mAh battery in about the same dimensions as this 1530 mAh tablet. It is actually a bit shocking they skimped on arguably the most important component for a mobile device.

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One of two things:
1) Get her whatever you have. That makes questions and troubleshooting far easier. Based on what you wrote, it sounds like an iPhone is the answer here.
2) Get her what she just had. She will be familiar even if it is only similar (say BBOS 5 vs BBOS 7). That new BB Bold doesn't look half bad.

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This is exactly right. If Google and MS team up, MS can still shakedown HTC, Samsung, and others. If Google goes solo (and gets the patents), then it can at least have some muscle against MS.

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First of all, let me start off by saying that Google picked the WRONG target with its rant. It should have been laying into Intellectual Ventures and the like, not Apple and MS. That being said, I have some issues with your analysis, Harry.

1) "But the companies’ history of working together when it serves both their interests is just as long." Internet explorer on a Mac? Whose interest does that serve? (Ok, that one was a bit tongue in cheek)

2) "Google has vast quantities of patents itself, so I presume it’s not opposed to patents, period." That is quite the leap to say, 'Google has patents, so Google must like patents.' If you want to survive in the tech world, you have play ball. Until the rules change, the only way to play ball is to either have enough money to withstand litigation or pay licenses, or you can hold your own patents as a "defensive" weapon. Yes, I used the words defensive and weapon.

3) "Both companies are building and fighting." Apple? Absolutely. They would probably make MORE money if patents went away because they could cull their lawyer population immensely. MS? Not so much. They have been stagnating for about a decade and now they are riding Apple's coattails in this patent purchase and riding Android's coattails by getting about $15 per Android device sold. Estimates are saying MS is getting 3x revenue from Android as WP7.

4) Exactly.

5) "But I don’t have any fundamental problems with the idea of companies using patents to preserve a competitive edge and prevent the value of inventions from immediately dwindling." But that isn't what patents are for! They are to be an incentive to an inventor to make that invention, not prevent competition. They are not patenting the cotton gin here. They are patenting the idea of harvesting cotton.

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Yeah, iCloud is 8x as expensive as Google's storage space. No thanks.