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I wasn't able to keep up with the daily reviews because some real life suddenly landed on me all at once, and frankly I'm bad at watching things once a day anyway, but I marathoned to catch up to post in the comments today <3 What a fun, weird little show!

The songs were all super catchy and they really did catch me by surprise a lot with all the twists and turns, especially when season 2 went with buddy comedy between King Richard and Galavant. King Richard really blossomed and grew a lot, it was great because honestly I love a good "villain becomes friends with the hero and ends up goofing around as a protagonist". The gay bar was also a highlight. Isabella was the BEST and even Galavant himself grew on me. I could have done with more Sid but he was great whenever he got to do something. Chef was one of my favorite side characters through the whole thing.

final verdict: really funny and sharp, lots of earworms in the soundtrack, surprisingly heartwarming?
best character: TAD COOPER

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I think that shows a decided lack of creativity! You could say that it doesn't make sense, for example.

Also I feel that you are sort of missing the point that I believe Mairead is trying to make here, which is that whether or not you feel it should be a thing charged with negative connotations doesn't change the reality we're living in, which is that comparing humans to animals and using it to justify bigotry by denying their humanity is an ugly and real thing.

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Please don't use derogatory terms for sex workers, whether or not you feel that term "feels wrong" for the setting inside the book.

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Please don't use "idiotic" on this site as it is considered a slur.

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It's really cute seeing how much Sid's town loves him, and Gal having to eat some humble pie and think a bit about the plight of underlings was satisfying. Especially since it prompts him to be sincere with Sid and tell him to his face he appreciates him!

I also like the unlikely comedy trio that's evolving with the king, Gareth, and the cook! Especially the cook.

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Ahhh yes that one!! I honestly love all of shysweetthing's YOI fics. Undiscovered Country is actually one I followed along with as it was posted and there was actually a consistent weekly update schedule the author adhered to. Good quality writing with characterization I love AND consistent updates??? shysweetthing is the total package as far as fic authors go

One author who I like but couldn't choose a particular fic to rec and ended up leaving off is emilyenrose. I really enjoyed her take on younger Victor, who is even more arrogant and not yet tempered by loneliness and is still hungry for success and even WORSE at handling other people's feelings.

Also there's this fic that didn't make the cut because I was keeping off things that are more focused on porn than not but it has like...some of my favorite Victor characterization, particularly in the third chapter. That one is Maybe It Started Like This by dance_across. It's like a smutty character study.

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Well, I guess you never really know! One day it's going to be that sign's time to shine.

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The road sign pointing to Hell is priceless. I cackled.

Getting bogged down in side-quests sounds about right! Jousting is actually the official sport of my state!

I got curious about Jean Hamm's name since it's obviously playing on Jon Hamm but not played by him and googled and this apparently being the whole story behind it is pretty great.

I love Isabella and now that I know that she IS really goddamn good with a sword I'm back to "save your parents with your own awesome skills." Really hoping she gets to have something of her own hero's journey in the sardonic, silly way this show likes to roll. I'm glad that she's so competent, but if ultimately she's always using the competence to prop Galavant up that's kind of frustrating. Of course she's also still ostensibly playing him and the show is playing with a lot of other tropes about Galavant not being much of a hero, but I guess I've seen enough "competent woman has to train a lazy / incompetent dude and he ends up better than she is instead of just letting her do the shit in the first place" to last me a lifetime, so I hope it ends up doing more to let her take the lead on things.

Also I like that the love song is making fun of how a lot of straight couples in these things don't even seem to like each other and it's considered sexual tension.

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Thanks! It's one of those things I knew I'd probably enjoy and that I've been intending to watch anyway. Mark's sites provide a good impetus to get going on those kinds of things.

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The official YOI twitter has posted that they are going to livestream the Yuri!!! on CONCERT event, and that there's going to be a "big announcement" at the end. Announcement tweets visible here in a number of different languages. The broadcast time is July 1st at 18:00 in Japan and there's this helpful timer.

The stream is going to be hosted here, on avex's official youtube channel.

I'm very excited