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I took a train ride from Kalispell, MT to Minneapolis, MN in the summer of 2008 with my son, who was three months at the time. That was a 24 hour trip. I would like to avoid that kind of thing all together, unless necessary : ) We flew back after two weeks of a vacation...had a layover in Denver...then flew into Spokane, WA and took the drive from Spokane to Kalispell (about 4 hours).....I will never do that again with an infant. I repeat! I will NEVER do that with an infant! If we could have avoided the drive from Spokane to Kalispell, life would've been much easier.
SO! Point of my story is this - it's no biggie to do a connecting flight with a baby. I actually quite enjoyed it. He was on MY lap the entire time because I nursed him to help with the uncomfortable feeling that happens in the ears during flight. It was nice to get up and stretch and walk around the airport for a little bit before the next flight.
On the other hand, it would've been awfully nice to have no stops!!!
Maybe to prep for such an occasion, try and change your child as many different places as you can right before you go so you know what to do! Just a random thought. (Of course, I'd advise waiting 6 weeks to bring the babe around large crowds of strangers...) Due to germs and such.
That's what I was told : )

P.s. If you are going to be using cloth diapers, they are really easy to transport if you have the extra space. I just throw them in an empty plastic grocery bag or something similar. They even sell fancy ones that you can throw in the wash with the diapers! Also, disposables are just as easy too : ) duh.