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Oh this is gold!! Your expresions are priceless - thanks for the laugh!

You know - this is pretty close to what some blokes (that's Aussie for 'men') would actually contemplate for their wives - I've since learnt otherwise :)

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Hi Tam, long time no post from me! Thanks for asking these very important questions!

Knowing the answers to those 3 P's or even where to begin trying to find those answers can be really difficult!

My passion is to help others to find and define their 3 P's and I'd love to talk to anyone who wants some ideas and tips on how to do it! You can reach me via www.edwardscoaching.com - dont put it off too long, make 2012 Your Best Year Yet!

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Yanno how often do i say things, especially "christian" things becasue I think the other person needs to hear them. I usually dont know them froma bar of soap yet becasue I'm "saved" its like i have this obligation to "set them straight". That's not me, or who I want to be, I want to live an authentic life and its all about me being open for others to speak into my life/learn about who I really am, warts and all. How quickly I 'give advice" usually reflects how much I'm hiding my real self. It's teh way life is Tam, we just need to pray and move on, sticking tru to Jesus and who he calls us to be i think.

p.s. totally jealous its Summer there, its cold and wintery here in Australia, cant wait for summer so we can hit the beach!!

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Hi Tam

I think at this stage my purpose is to keep myself open for God's leading while at the same time moving forward with in the direction I feel He is leading me. It's a fine line becasue I believe God calls us to action, not to simply sit and wait for Him and do nothing with my life in the process - so I move forward and trust that as I stay close to God He will guide my path. As part of this I'm taking a huge step of faith and am about to launch a business coaching and helping people create margin in their lives/work/ministires to be able to do what they really want to do, to focus on the important and make progress in their lives. It's available to anyone becasue I think we all need a little support, guidance and accountability in our lives... anyway enough about that :)

As promised earlier - our son was born on Monday 2 August!!! His name is Levi and you can check him out here http://andrewedwards.wordpress.com

Thanks for all your prayers during this time, mother and child are doing really well!

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Absolutely!! Just try and keep me quiet!! :)

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Paula we used to play the game a lot especially as teens/young adults - top of the points table with a million points and eternal acknowledgement that you were the king - a pregnant nun!!

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So now I don’t serve anywhere, I have a secular job and am viewed as some kind of "Christian with a grudge" because I left a church with integrity...

My point I guess is that there is a real need for open communication between young leaders and older ones so that we recognise each other's positions and work together towards combining the good ideas to make a real difference

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Ron this is one of the reason I'm no longer in ministry. I understand the issues with youthful passion and ideas needing to be weighed against experience and I totally agree. For me, I’d been serving and working in a church since I was 19 and at the age of 29 I was still struggling to have my voice heard. I understood the ins and outs of this church and its ministries, what got me was that I was hired to do a specific job that was my skill set and then when I outlined the changes needed, based on hard evidence and my experience I was told that my ideas didnt count because I wasn’t on the 'leadership team'.

So I left because I couldn’t in good conscience serve under a leadership I didnt support because they failed (IMO) to truly trust God and serve him in faith.

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Yeah dont mess with us Aussies or we'll run you over ;o)

Not really - :)

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I'm most productive early in the morning or late at night. I too have kids so I'm up early most days and find that between 5am and 9am I'm really productive and then again from about 8pm until midnight. As you can imagine that makes for a really long day so it doesnt happen very often. I usually get to the office early and cram in as much productive time before things go crazy.

I Also know that I'm least productive between 12pm and 3pm in the afternoon - makes it difficult when I work in a traditional 9-5 office job.