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Again, Bebo, you write beautifully. I can very much relate to what you are saying - not because I am a musician (although I know a few guitar chords) but because I am a mother. You may think, "What?! Can there be a higher calling? Can there be a better blessing in life?" I understand, and I agree. But, it was not my dream for my life. I know how you feel, and believe me, there have been days I just wanted to give the kids to their father and say "Here you go, I'm all done" and just leave, but, of course, I don't - because God has given me work to do. If I don't teach these children about Christ, who will? Who will ever love them like their own mother? No one. When I had my firstborn 13 years ago, I suffered terribly from post-partum depression - for over 2 years! At least that is what they called it. I knew it was the mourning of the loss of ME. One of the things that got me through was an obscure little song that ended like this; "But to be a mother and a wife is a heavy load to bear. And so you gave your life away, like the God inside your heart. And even though we've gone away, home is where you are." It was then I realized that the "loss of ME" is the greatest gift God could have given me, for it makes me more like Him. God bless you, Bebo, and thanks.

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I don't like the untucked shirt under vest thing. I think untucked is fine, but if you wear a vest, the shirt needs to be tucked in. It looks sloppy - unless you really are a Rock Star - then you can do it fine.

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LOL!!! I am dying! Those were hysterical! I've heard some doozies myself, but some of those take the cake!

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I understand completely! We used to live in an apartment that had a wonderful window seat. I would sit there for hours just praying, reading my bible, and looking out at the large oaks in the front yard. Since we moved over 9 years ago to the home we're in now, I just haven't found a good spot. I actually have to leave my house and go to the ocean or the woods to really talk to God for any good length of time. Wow, do I ever miss the window seat!