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So what's the point of installing the S-300 or S-400 anti-aircraft batteries, if they are not going to be used? You would think that Putin would want a payback for the Metrojet. brought down over the Sinai.
The regions number one bad actor must have had a hand in that.

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I will support the ignorant blowhard until he utters the words 'No fly zone' or accepts a nickle from
Sheldon Adelson or Paul Singer.

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It doesn't mean anything to the poor stupid Eloi patsies.

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Those brave souls in congress, with the interest of the American people in mind, will surely rise up and resist this pernicious extortion. That is all but for the 430 plus quislings, who would sacrifice their mothers to serve their oligarchically anointed masters.

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When the Russians began their Syrian adventure, I wondered how long it would take before that master false-flag operator would do what it does best, commit an atrocity and fix the blame on an uninvolved third party. This clearly has the stink of the Mossad all over it. Russia had to be punished for their impertinence in involving themselves in the latest American war for Israel.

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How many American combat troops will be in Iraq/Syria a week after ISIS captures and beheads an American solider?

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Armed with a fleet of B2s, how many new "Existential threats" will Israel be compelled to deal with?

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Give the truly detestable what they have coming.

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Since they already own the US government, all of the US military hardware should be theirs. Perhaps we could put a Carrier Battle Group at their disposal or a couple of Ohio class ballistics missile submarines, so they can project their power to intimidate militarily beyond the range of the Jericho III ICBM.

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Cui Bono? Anyone in our government leading the charge against such a profoundly stupid action?