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Really? They couldn't come up with something a little more creative?

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75 days! Awww crap! I'm still waiting for mine to be processed. Looks like I'll be waiting longer than expected especially since I mailed my application instead of delivering it in person.

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I'm pretty sure that I'm on a watch list for some of the things that I've posted on my blog. I'll know for sure the next time I try to board a plane and get arrested. I'll probably end up in a re-education camp where I'm taught that Lord Barry the Omnipotent is better than peanut butter and how lucky we are to have such a benevolent overlord.

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The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows. Sheldon has got to be the most funny character in all of television right now.

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Wow. What an ordeal. Hopefully you don't find out in a month that you have $500+ in charges on your bill because this dolt.

On a related note, since Natalie is so hard on phones, I would suggest looking into the Casio G'Zone. They're a bit big and heavy but they survive baths and being thrown across a room very well.

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We need to impose term limits. I don't believe that the founding fathers intended for public servants to make profitable careers out of serving their country. Some of these people have been in power for so long that they are corrupted to the core. It's time to separate the wheat from the chaff and stop letting the crops rot in the field.