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I'm going to agree with you: SS will be on Wii for reasons already mentioned on like every console having a Zelda title specifically to it. But I have bigger concerns with the implications of your points than what system this game will appear on.

If this game was created to show the capabilities of Motion Plus and 1:1 motion, where will that leave the actual game play and the level of enjoyability? I can definitely appreciate the engineering that goes into the technology that is being used in the game, but if it's not fun to play then there's no point in trying to sell it to consumers. There should be a balance between the innovative engineering of the game and creative storyline being used. That was one of the problems that I had with TP. It had a beautiful feel to but it lacked story.

Consumers want backwards compatibility more than the Companies do. This has to do with money mostly because it takes more money to make a product that can do it when they could just resell the game to the consumer in a new medium (ie. digital market, new platform disc.) Therefore I wouldn't be surprised if Project Cafe has Wii compatibility but not GCN. I wouldn't be surprised if when SS gains a players choice status, it comes out on Project cafe.

The fact that Nintendo's bigger studios have been quiet for years slightly disturbs me for two reasons.The first being that I don't think that the whole reason behind their quietness is because of Project Cafe, it might have to do with internal issues that have not been made public. Sometimes studios "break up" or have core members leave and the public doesn't hear about it until a new game comes out. I hope it's not that since those studios have been very successful in the past, but I think it would be nice to see one of the studios make a bold new move with a new interesting game that might not be for everyone to play. My second issue is that they might be outsourcing their large franchises to other studios and are not getting the same quality that consumers expect. Personally, I enjoyed what retro studios did with Metroid Prime- it was beautiful, challenging, and was everything I expected in a video game. But when I saw what Ninja was doing with Other M I was not impressed because it didn't look like a new platform game, it just looked like the graphics were improved and some new tricks were added.

Yes, SS will be a Wii game, but there are bigger things to look at here

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TP failed because they scraped the original project and basically remade OoT. While the game was visually appealing it was a disappointment from the original trailer that was released

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i think the 1:1 controls are whats really going to sell it for me

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this might be where the Master Sword is given to the royal family and Hyrule

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Glaciesflamma makes a good point with that. i think that the Zelda team has been trying to make it more mature in the sense of puzzles, characters and depth but i think a lot of what Zelda is known for is being bold with its ideas. look at LoZ- this game created a lot of what has become the foundation for modern RPGs and video games in general, and in its time it was radical for what it was able to do(the ability to save without codes?). then look at ALttP- better colors, more details, DIAGONAL MOVEMENT! these were big things on SNES. OoT basically defined 3D gaming. i think it would be very bold to make the next Zelda much grimier and darker than TP and more rough and tumble. but i trust that the Zelda team will make the right judgments as to what and how much .

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ridiculous but entertaining

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for the most part i agree with you, but on the multiplayer i think thats a little questionable. maybe a multiplayer arena mode would be fun, but i think a MMO would be fun too especially if they increased the difficulty as more players were added to your "party." but this would be only allowing people you know and want to join in with you to play. and more upgradeable objects would be more interesting and fun to play.

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thats true, but i doubt it will follow the child time-line being that there has been a greater demand for the adult time-line. but Nintendo hasnt identified the time-line between all the games, so fans can only speculate as the order of them.

as long as they dont follow the idea of ST then ill probably be ok with the game

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good point

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theres quite a few contradictions in the storyline between the games