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I don't think the Bible did that to the Native people. I think money, and greed, and wamishtookishuuch taking advantage of the Native people did a lot of damaged. And yes, there were some priests who were bad people. But I don't confuse bad people with the Christianity.

Just because someone in the community does a bad thing, doesn't mean all of Kawawa is like that.

The Bible only came to Kawawa because the elders asked for it. The organization that my parents are in WON'T send anyone to help unless the community specifically asks for it.

You should also talk to the elders about when Christianity came to them. I remember talking with a few; Johnny, Noah, Tommy, and them telling stories of monsters and demons that went away when it came. The storys were cool, but also really really terrifying...

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So you think the Bible is bad?

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If you can email me the installers, I can host them on

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Care to point out why?

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So glad you like it!

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Yup. Crazy, huh?

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You're absolutely right. What remains to be seen is if they will take this by the horns and steer it they way they want to go, or if it will just pass them by. This is the time to act. Yes, the government is big, but the people are stronger, the media is louder, and these people live here.

The Cree did it, so can we.

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Well, some people genuinely ARE anti-mining, which I think is the wrong way to go.
So I'm glad you're not anti-mining. :)
From my perspective, only small advantages are gained from being anti-mining. A protest is held, picket signs go up, and the mine pays a sum of money. Once the money is paid, that's it. It's short-lived.

But if you get deeply involved in the planning of the mining, get involved as a partner with the company, get on their board, then decisions can be made for the long-term both in protecting the land, giving people jobs, economic assistance, and making sure the land is brought back and trees are replanted (unlike the IOC).

Just my 2¢. :)

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So, are you anti-mining?

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Completely agree. I'm also of the opinion that Naskapi men & women should work hard to be involved in the mine as well. 2,500 permanent workers is a large amount, larger the the current size of Kawawachikamach! Working in the mine would be rewarding and full of purpose, and would allow the Naskapi to be directly involved in any decisions made. Jobs will be opening not only for running the machines, but also in administration and planning.