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Neato! I was wondering why is said "welcome", I thought maybe you had new staff members/reporters/peepz.

Very lite design, not as cluttered as previous, but I do miss the ads ; A;
*reads the thing about the sidebars* (゜∀゜) <3

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Totes a MUST for any Vocaloid fan out there---ESPECIALLY those too fag to actually join Otaku sites/would rather enjoy the scene in privacy.

It has it's advantages.

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I like how Sweet and Adult are very nice variations of Megumi Nakajima's vocal capabilities ;0

we should expect to hear great things---especially in combination with certain V3 plugins (Vocallistener)

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That was a Spanish sample? That was horrible. I couldn't understand it----!
but the voice did have potential. The Chinese had this feel to it that amazed me.

It is fantastic that Vocaliod will expand it's horizons like never before!
It would be even more fantastic if it outgrew it's little doujin/Otaku circles----after all it's purpose is much greater than what anybody could possibly offer it today, anyways.

Am looking forward to how beautiful Voclaoid 3 will be!

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Not as bad as having to pay subscription fees each month just to use it ;0

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I KN3W 1T W4S P1ZZ4! I just knew it! >80

Also good info on the side.

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*slaps money onto table*
I'm totes with you on that there.

If we are lucky they will state some really scandalous stuff this time around----teeehheee!

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I wonder who do you report to when stuff like this comes up?

I posted the link in the last Miku x Kaito demo update ;o

I too also would like to see the Vocal Listener get released---it's improbably too! It would be a perfect (and pleasant) surprise ;D <3
Hopefully it doesn't make things TOO easy, or we'll see far too many cheap songs and covers, but whatever, progress is progress.( I guess)

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Apparently Hatsune Miku's facebook page posted a Kato Append sample stating it's on YouTube now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etdsxkcd__U&fe...

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OH T33H33.

They tease us so hard.