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I hate how we're getting all this info... I'm still going to believe my theory that the Hero of Time is Twilight Princess's Skull Kid. I think the Hero's Shade is just a perception of Link's inner hero...

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There are some things you can never un-see... these are examples of those things. Groose's is the creepiest of all... and the second Link one isn't really that bad, i mean, it's just him with his shirt unbuttoned at the top... not that big a deal.

The other ones though... *twitches awkwardly* cannot... un... see... m-must... c-c-clear... his..tory...

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Well... you could use something like Game Maker or... something. Haha. That has a very user-friendly interface.

I like Groose in the fourth pic, and Fi is adorable! The Loftwing looks... eh... but everything else is cool! Also, Link doesn't dive backwards; it would make more sense if his falling sprite showed his back and not his face.

Also, if this were more like Link's Awakening DX, with the color, this would look muy fantastico! It would be a perfect 2D version of Skyward Sword if it were in color!

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I wish this were real. Who's for actually making this?

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You do not know how much I love LEGOs! ANd ZELDA LEGOs?!?! I'd be in a LEGO Paradise! I just made a cuusoo account and I'm supporting this. I'll advertise this elsewhere too, like on mine and Ruby Link's YouTube!

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I downloaded it yesterday, I played for 5 minutes and I hate it. The graphics are dis-proportionate, the shadows are in-consistent and make it look like objects are floating (Like when Link runs left/right)... and, I get it's a demo, but c'mon, demos are supposed to show GOOD things about games... not... this...

... I ain't hatin' in ZU or anything... but c'mon guys, step it up a little. I get that they're still working on it too... hopefully it comes out better than it is now...

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These who guys - Chris and Christian - remind me a lot of my friend Ruby Link and I...

... anyway, I had a feeling Green would prevail.

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Just the fact that this is for charity makes this awesome. It's going to a worthy cause, AND we get to see the greatest gaming series of all time played...

Go The 4/48 Zelda Marathon!!

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Whoa, I love the detail on those pins! The way they look cracked like stone is epic.

These would be really awesome to have. It would be cool to have the Song of Storms permanently attached to my backpack or sweatshirt.

My fave Ocarina songs:
- Nocturne of Shadow
- Song of Storms
- Minuet of Forest
- Serenade of Water
- Zelda's Lullaby

I would love to have these!

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I'm lucky this didn't happen to me... but it's nice to see Nintendo of America doing something about the glitch too.

Also, it's worth noting that, as most of you probably know, some people illegally got Skyward Sword via the torrent file that was released online. So, if the glitch happens to them, if they contact Nintendo or have Nintendo fix it via internet connection, couldn't they see that the game was illegally gotten? I always wondered that; how does Nintendo know you've soft-modded/hacked your Wii and other system?

Meh, I'm just a curious guy. XD