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Thank you for your comment. The Illinois Funeral Directors Association Scandal is essentially over. Changes have been made to that post.

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That happy casket article was started at 9:00 Am Central Time, after posting three other posts. I left for the doctor with it not finished. I returned finished it and then promoted the post to Social Networking sites Just NOW. There is limited funeral news out there and just because we post the same stuff does not mean I copy you or you copy me . You do not have claim to articles on the web as your own.

Your Funeral Guy

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This is my personal blog, I post things here of interest to me that are funeral news at my leisure , My Most timely Funeral News posts are made at " ""
All the other blogs including this one are just icing on the funeral cake. For the record I first posted the Providence Rhode Island Funeral pub here at "4080"

Please take note, I am not in a race with I do not compete in Funeral News with the anti funeral consumer site run by a 27 year old who has never been a funeral director, never worked in a funeral home!!

Thank you for commenting on my blog.

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It appears that your costs are equal to the initial cost of a crematory, but it seems that your installation costs are not nearly those of a crematory. Re-bricking is quite expensive maintenance for a crematory.

You may prefer to compare your process to burial, but it seem that the world will first compare it to cremation.

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The low cost funeral option is the future. There are an increasing numbers of low cost funeral providers in the The Northwest and across the USA

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Funeral Scams are not something new, but there is a new one in the news media every day.

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You may be dying, but you are definitely thinking smart for your wife.

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Your Book is useful, and helpful to the Funeral Consumer, Your Website Valley Of Life provides great and truthful information for those who want help with end of life issues and funerals.

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FYI, Myself and a few friends created the blog,
Your Funeral Guy

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Recently Facebook's policy on this has changed and its possible to leave the memorial up indefinitely.