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Candle Cove news? Haven't heard it, where would I look to find said news?

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Are...you talking about Harker? That's defs not Harker.

First off, that ghost doesn't have a corporeal body. Harker was still inhabiting his corpse, so you can only see his spirit glowing through his eyes. Secondly, attacking ghosts isn't his MO. They've got no body for him to take bits from.

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So it looks like Wadsworth's still retreating from the real mystery. He's using the importance of the Pattern as a shield to avoid delving into what's going on in the background. But that still leaves the question, what did Cadavre show/tell him down there? Why did the water drain? What happ'd?

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Talking about some Homestuck level mindfuckery now. I like it.

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Not sure if you're saying that as a joke or if you actually don't remember

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So he has remembered. At the very least he remembers the woods. It remains to be seen how much he remembers of the cavern.

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First page and we've already got the 3 red lines appearing. No rest for symbolism it seems.

That aside it seems like we're going for a more colorful palette for this arc. I'm curious how the scary's gonna look with it.

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Things I liked about this villain:

Both stuck to her guns and escaped judgement. A nice set up for a recurring villain to be dealt with.
She's a new threat, not yet another escapee from Celestia's mismanaged rogues gallery.
She's not a near omnipotent villain that requires a MacGuffin to defeat. I'm frankly getting weary of the Rainbow of Victory.

Things I don't like about this villain:

Oh FFS, is she ANOTHER dark parallel of Twilight? This is what, 3 now?

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Ah ha! Homestuck! A flimsy excuse to post my own theories on classpects!

Twilight-Mage of Blood. Considered making her a mind player, but with its ties to bonds in general, Blood seemed more relevant to her growth arc.

Applejack-Something of Life. Couldn't really decide on a class for her, but Life seemed appropriate given her occupation is the tending of an orchard.

Fluttershy-Prince of Rage. One who destroys rage or destroys through rage. Seems apt considering her calm nature and infrequent outbursts.

Rarity-Sylph of Space-I dunno on this one, it just seemed appropriate.

Pinkie-Bard of Time. Of course she's a bard, what else would she possibly be? As for Time, I just have this image of like 50 of her on each planet at any time using Pinkie Sense to triangulate when and where things are happening. Also all of them showing up any time something worth partying over happens.

Rainbow Dash-Knight of Breath. Again, just seemed right.

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Why has nobody brought up the Stepford Wives?