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The only existential threat you face is looking at you in the mirror.

Your analysis is the clinical, detached mind game of a sociopath who would if they could murder millions on an assumption.

Your assumption is Iran's intent is a nuclear weapon. Like the propaganda machines at work preceding actions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, there is no evidence except for the speculation of those with agendas for domination. They all have turned out to be lies swallowed by gullible rubes that already made up their minds and hear what they want to hear.

You think in terms of preemption. Preemption is nothing but a game of dangerous, manipulative speculation providing excuses by and for psychopaths. You speak of "logic". There is no logic in seeing "impending threats" that are illusions born of fearful emotions and no tangible evidence.

Your choice is millions of human lives are to die in an instant for what? An "armchair" assumption that it is an inevitable result of "us vs them"? You are insane.

It is not "us vs them". It is "us vs you".

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"Powers That Be", David - not even a close cousin to PB&J, which for me is a power between slices I can respect.

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Because some of us want to get off the school bus, get on the magic bus, have a carnival and do it in the road?

Thruppence and sixpence each day... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl9bvuAV-Ao

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Those American retirees in Costa Rica who idolize the US military are about to get an education.

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You have something against penguins, liberranter? ;-)

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Thank you for the "reality check", Alien Observer. And lest we forget, the Mach 2.9 SS-NX-26.

FYI from 2004: http://www.rense.com/general59/theSunburniransawe...

Within minutes of the first bomb falling on Iranian soil there will be another Gulf running "red".

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Thank you, humanist for your thoughtful posts and what I take as your attempt at constructive criticism for the benefit of someone whom you respect.

In that spirit I hope you will indulge me. Here is what I have inscribed on *my* wall.

If you don't see the need for being rude
then how will the emperor know he is nude?

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Damn straight, Benjamin. When an event like this happens it doesn't cause pacifists to run. It causes their numbers to SWELL.

Next time (and there WILL be a next time) the volunteers will still be unarmed but they're not suicidal. It IS international waters. The Turkish Navy has every right to be and is absolutely itching to be in the "neighborhood" to say to the Zionists, "Go ahead... Make my day."

The Zionists have just bought themselves a (whole new) world of hurt.

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Your posts, Eric, are so blatantly constructed to "sell". Your copy is so pathetically stuck in the past terminology of Presidential campaign propaganda. And your identification with "Libertarian" is an incredible bastardization of the thoughts of Jefferson, Washington, and Paine. Perhaps it would be worthwhile for you to exchange notes with another poster here who calls herself a "libertarian socialist".

You are a perfect example of the mystery of the human mind, Eric. Countless videos, eyewitness accounts, and quotes of surviving family members pissed off and grieving because of the actions of American invaders and you think it's all about "our culture and wealth". You are insane.

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It will not surprise me to see a bump in 2010 over at "Google Adwords: Keyword Tool" for the keywords " American political asylum".