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Maybe Dow and the Council will rename King County for him.

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Prosecutors will shy away from difficult cases unless they have higher personal standards for themselves than those required by their employer. I'm sure that Miller was one of those who'd rather bulk up her stats with "gimmes" than do the hard work necessary to get justice in the important cases.

This is just another example of that checklist mentality so pervasive in government. We have people in positions of high responsibility usually unrelated to their qualifications for the job and unless there is something inside of them that motivates them to do what's right, they do no more that what is minimally required to not lose their job.

This is the result.

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This reminds me of the sad, sad story of Richard Jewell, a true hero in a society where everyone considers themselves heroes for rolling out of bed in the morning and farting. Jewell saved dozens of lives in Centennial Olympic Park, but at the time, we, and the media, didn't want a hero - we needed a villain so we stood by and allowed the media to make him one for everybody's convenience. CNN and the AJC had to pay out libel settlements, but I'm sure they amounted to nothing near the boost in revenue they got for willfully and blatantly setting aside the truth for a couple of weeks.

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True, but slanting the news is all that KOMO does - both through editiorial commentary in both the headlines and in the reports, and choosing which stories to give high profile on its website.

It's not just KOMO - they all do it. And for good reason - they're not in the business of informing people of what's going on, contrary to what almost everybody thinks. They are in the business of putting you and me in front of advertisers, period. It's their motive behind everything they do. It's not a bad thing, and it's of course not just KOMO. It's a reflection of a society overwhelmingly populated by people who have no problem not being able to think for themselves. We'll take easily obtained lies and distortions over the effort and uncertainty that comes from trying to discover truth every single time.

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Kind of looks to me like the fb posts were the reason she got fired and the raking incident was the pretext.

Mind you, it's a good pretext that will probably stand up. Insubordination is one of those gotcha things they can use to legitimately fire you no matter what their real motive is. There might be a separate privacy action available to her for her employer getting hold of her fb content, but I think the dismissal itself will stand up.

I understand and sympathize with her situation. I have never looked at FB as a place to air workplace issues though. It just doesn't seem to me like an appropriate place to do that.

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Sounds fair. Baur can dedicate her career to ensuring that false rape accusations be available without accountability to all women as a tool of vengeance, and I'll ensure that no rape defendant for any jury I'm on ever goes to prison.

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Jeez. She hasn't been dead yet, what, a month? And they're auctioning her crap already?

Sounds like she spent through every dime she ever made with her hedonistic lifetsyle, and the estate is desperate to give the appearance that Houston actually cared about anyone but herself, specifically, her child.

Guessing that the "everything" she left her for her daughter was nothing more than a mountain of debt.

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If her mom had any heart, she'd use her opportunity to tell kids that no matter what you do in life, a life wasted to drugs is a wasted life, period, and don't let my daughter be a role model to anyone.

But no, like her daughter, it's all about her, 24/7. Easy to see why Houston died the way she did. Her mother was a narcissist.

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Methinks thou dost protest too much.

Kind of reminds me of the Letterman Top Ten List of considered titles for Marcia Clark's book - "Why I Didn't Use the Video of OJ Actually Doing the Crime."

Fact: the West Valley City police were utterly incompetent. Had they done their jobs, Susan Powell's children would be alive today.

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As well he should. He can expose the league for talking out both sides of its mouth on both player safety and doing whatever it takes to bring in more money.

The NFL's edge is that a huge core of its fans are too obsessed with who's advertising what, whether their beer can says is cold enough to drink yet and their insipid fantasy leagues to give one whit about the plain fact that the NFL portrays itself as some kind of societal force for good when the reality is that it is nothing more than a cynical, vice peddling moneymaking machine, devoid of any redeeming qualities.