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Jesus, your map looks like the Palestinian occupation.

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Our country gives aid to other countries and expects to have a say in how the money is spent, and more. We interfere. Our banks lend money to other countries and have a say as to how the money is spent and how the government runs things, even though the same banks are eventually paid back, with interest. Is it too much to expect China and Japan to one day demand that our government change the way it governs to suit its lenders? And I don´t hear anybody talking about ever paying back our foreign debts.

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What can we expect from the poor admiral, he belongs to that organization, DOD, that was responsible of:
- Failing to protect its largest city and capital against attacks from its own commercial aircraft
- The only attack against the US with WMD was done by DOD weapons (anthrax) and personnel
- Cannot account for $2.3 trillion over the past ten years
- Directly responsible for giving the country the reputation of a torture society
- Continues to get inself into illegal and immoral wars against small, poor nations and then can´t win