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Irene, forgive me, but in the last couple of years I can't once remember seeing the shop in question open for business? The frontage looks near derelict itself and according to Wolverhampton Homes website, all of their garages are "for personal private use only and not for commercial purposes." so the tenant is most likely in breach of their tenancy agreement?

Added to this, according to local press report (Express & Star) the business owner/tenant lives in Uttoxeter so profits are most likely going out of the area, not back into the local community any way?

I'm a little confused by the tenant's association's actions over this - especially when most modern day cars don't even fit in garages any more, personally I think demolishing these garages and replacing them with a car park makes much more sense and would put a stop to the endless vandalism the garages have endured.

We shall see what happens!


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Interesting point about literacy standards Mark - I know exactly what you mean about texting and social networks (both of which I use a lot), however I don't think it's necessarily these technologies themselves that are causing a decline in general literacy.

I think less importance was given to these "new" technologies than the "old" ways of writing when electronic communication reached tipping point 10 or so years ago. This led to people subconsciously thinking that it didn't matter if they wrote or spelt correctly when communicating electronically using email or sms, because it wasn't somehow as important as "real" writing with a pen and paper.

Internet usage has led to a lot more people reading and writing for "leisure" (I for one see this as a good thing) and is now the main means of communication for a lot of people, but many of these people still seem to think of writing electronically as a less important than writing with a pen and paper. (Or so it would seem to me!)

It still amazes me when I get emails from business people who are offering services/products to me and their emails are littered with errors, text speak abbreviations and such. It's almost as if because it's electronic communication, it doesn't matter as much? Would they send written/typed letters like this? I think not!

Thanks for your comments!

(Hoping no one spell/grammar checks this now!)

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As the article above states, the money spent on the Library came from Big Lottery Fund’s Community Libraries programme, not from taxpayers or the government's pocket like money for hospitals does.

This money came from a lottery fund specifically to pay for the building of new libraries!

The new library is an important resource for the local community and if you've visited the old library recently I'm sure you'd agree that it was WAY past it's use by date.

We now have a new Library that does Wednesfield proud and will serve the community long into the future!

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Hi Simon

It seems that garages on AMP are becoming a reoccurring problem. We recently reported on a set of garage near the bottom shops which have been derelict and need sorting out and there have been a couple of other issues mentioned by local people.

What I suggest you do is firstly file a report onhttp://www.fixmystreet.com - this site lets you report problems in your community and then passes the complaint onto the correct dept. at your local council for you - we've had success in reporting issues this way.

Secondly, you could try contacting Wolverhampton Homes as there's a good chance that they own the garages:http://www.wolverhamptonhomes.org.uk/contact_us/

Thirdly, you could contact 'City Direct' who are the dept. responsible for a lot of Wolverhampton City Council's maintenance (http://www.wolverhampton.gov.uk/government_democracy/council/contacts/city_direct/).

In our experience using Fix My Street is best method as the complaint will go to the right dept (usually City Direct) and by putting it on the Fix My Street website you are making the problem 'public' which perhaps means the council is more likely to deal with it as opposed to just having a complaint email sitting on a computer somewhere in the Civic Centre!

Good luck!

James (WV11)

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Hi 'MeMyselfAndI'

Your 1st comment (now visible above) wasn't refused - it was just waiting to be moderated. When someone posts a comment on the site for the first time the comment is held in moderation so that an admin can check it isn't abusive or a spam message - as soon as we approve the comment it appears on the site - as both of yours have.

It's a little contradictory that you say that the street in the photo (Rookery Street) never looks that clean, as that is an actual photo of the street...looking clean?!

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Phil Bateman's full Statement

As Chair of Governors I am so proud of the staff, children, parents and my fellow governors of Ashmore Park Nursery and The Parks Children's Centre!

Ofsted have a reputation for straight talk and strong criticism when education establishments fall under their reporting procedures. But we are celebrating today because this detailed Ofsted report that Ashmore Park Nursery and the Parks Children Centre has received is nothing short of fantastic!

The report tells parents that we provide an outstanding quality of service to the local community. That excellent leadership and excellent care guidance and support is in the school and the centre. It speaks in glowing terms about leadership and management at the school and the centre. The headteacher and her senior leadership team are singled out for praise. But it also reports that in lessons not a moment is wasted and that relationships with children and care for their well being is also outstanding!

I am sure the community in Ashmore Park and Wednesfield will like me be so very proud of the progress that this school is making.
Phil Bateman MBE FCILT
Chair of Governors
Ashmore Park Nursery School and The Parks Children Centre

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HI Guys,

We keep getting a lot of enquiries about where to apply for jobs at this new Aldi and honestly we have no idea ....

We posted a couple of comments up a link to Aldi's own on-line application form I think that is the best way for you to get in touch with Aldi to apply for any of their jobs,

I'm sorry we can't help further but in this instance we're just the messengers.


Steph x

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I have no idea I'm afraid, a quick search on the Just Pets website gives no clues either...


I'd presume though that if the Aldi is opening in December the Pet Store may not be far behind!?

Steph x

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Yes, rent is still going up (as it does every year) - but the amount by which it's going up by has been reduced (halved in fact), so in the end tenants will be paying less than they would have been.

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Hi, can you tell us exactly what the article said?

We haven''t received tonight's E&S and were just wondering what prompted them to cover this?