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Very good tip Joe! I have added it to my my master tip list.

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A tip I know too well Mark. Especially this winter. We are getting blasted about every week with lake effect snow in Indiana.

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This is great NEWS! My boys just got their raw derby cars tonight. BIG thanks for the tip Mark. Your also right about kids and the digital revolution.

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Mark I was just looking at these bits in the store. I have a 24 volt cordless drill and I continually twisting the tips off my bits. I think I will buy a set after Christmas. I would do it before but I want to see if Santa is going to bring me a set. Hahaha.... or should I say HoHoHo....

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Mark is right. Cheap wood makes a cheap project that will fall apart sooner then needed. Fencing especially. You have to remember the forces mother nature puts on fences. The more rugged the wood is will increase the life of your fence or any other DIY project.

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I saw a demo on this product by Matt Blashaw. It looks like something I will put in my project and an improvement to home plumbing. You can see the demo at http://www.cbs.com/daytime/the_early_show/video/?...

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Anytime SSG Tew. Keep coming back for more tips. Mark Clement and I work hard to bring everyone helpful information.

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Here is a link to a video that demonstrates how it is installed. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1548917...

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I hate when you are trying to remove a screw where the head is stripped. I can get them out but now without a lot of extra work. Any tips to make this easy.