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like take this comment line for exzample,nobodie tells ya what to du even though its always totally zeroed out on nothing,zilch,no conversation,nothing,even though that seems "suspicious"and "un-productive",,,,furthermore i,oo,think you should just sell this whole sack of ,,,,waste,to the lowest bidder and go back and du whtever it was ya did b 4 this whole quicksilver plated gravy train rolled into this spoonfed trainwreck masquaraiding a s a pet pev from a datUM farming syk-op rolled into its final deadend,yer fyred,,,,oo,see nothing happened,well thare ya go,Mr.Ghost

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i know, every monkey on/in below planet of the pig pit/aka apes gets one,except ya just can't bring yer guns to town,thair can be only WMD McCloud,1 each and hoilstered to yer un-concealled fraudulent _SS,start counting kloownzsc,wanna buy some have we got a deal for U,everything must go,call before mid-night tonite fer yer special offer,and quit rearrainging the deckchairs i like em the way thay were,raaant raaant.its enough to piss ya/me off,its tOO easy,does not compute,sponsored by nsa-7 operating systems and total horseshO!Ot,well then whOOm will propqaGATE the fema/world bank annilihation WMD concept that the empires lack of clothes is based upon,error,error,does not compute or assphaze,yer cipher rythmn is outta whack were gonna have to shut down and re-subvert,doalive,out

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the 5th pilliar,sapeince once learned or taught (tribally or nationalisticaly)then caried on for the "coercive insidiousness that is the anti synthesis of peace,,,does the republic globally imposed have cellular structure or walls that resemble anything found in a petri(keep LooKing) dish,hah,the other pilliars that this floored slab rely upon sometymes referred civilazation,fission style (divisive)medical,military,civil,recently proposed to add "polluted,in short the pollution of science,masquaraiding as civil medical warhead political subterfuge design and structures self annoited to what,impose taxes ,beleif systems fraudulent alein or and queer,thats superior intellagience for ya,just a long as the races aint racing again,,,remember last tyme,probably not,oo,raaant rant rave on

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the whole damn project for zionistic century could go,,,stand back ka put, fsssszzc,,,,free press and free assembly is a virius to these tOOls

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china,except they'll stand out a little more,at least as long until thair "bubble bursts,gee golly what a mess here's your 50 bucks mary

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hey when all those "guys get thair ya can start the inspection right away,well look for the report in the state sponsored media,how iron/ic that a volcano would be going off right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean,how'd we ever get so lucky,oh you first uh you first no you first i insist well if ya insist,and make sure its' good yer creeds on the line

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or this just in,the door may close behind you,just a thought,you,they/them probably allready thought of that though huh,Colonel(Kernal) Dunkirk", kinda catchee huh

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isn't the tactic of gaining political leverages either threatened,coercied,implied,etc (corrisive)through the imtimadations with "exsplosives,"terrorism,(P)(C)(R)(TM)<$$

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i think he ,they/them pronounced CONSCIOUNCESS OBJECTER wrong,or willed freedom not at others exspense

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yeah thairs alot of that brand of piracy going on around the greater Caribbean basin area,in fact just the other day(i won't mention any names )but another leader was elected and the whole damn place was just a shambles,and be sure to read the small print over thair oo ? @IMF & the "world,get this, bank, (vault,keep) maybe if the original Bretton Woods minutes were reid a loud some of the confussion would disspell itself, magically if ya like,with a foot in both doors and the perverbial mouth,houve,or _ss