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Used to be Tom Baker (4th) until Tennant came along, now I live Tennant/Smith equally and then Tom Baker. Worst Doctor remains Colin Baker (6th) though. I like River song, but loathe Amy with the fire of a thousand Pyrovilles....

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I was wondering why there were sidewalks, if there were no humans. That's when I realized that CARS AND CARS 2 are clearly set in the same universe as Stephen King's 1986 sentient, homicidal vehicles movie MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE. The cars have long since risen up and slaughtered their human oppressors...

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The only way I'd see this (now they've slayed the Dinobot that is Megan Fox) if Shia and Duhamel's characters got together and transformed into boyfriends :)

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I would buy the bejeebus out of the WW Plushie. Especially if it was anatomically accurate :)

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I couldn't find my way around a vag with Xena and Gabrielle as my fiesty Amazonian guides. The closest I've ever gotten to one was watching the movie TEETH. I think it made me more Gay....

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I loved FIRST CLASS with the fire of a thousand Pyros. Fassbender was indeed fantastic as Magneto, as was MacAvoy as Xavier- love how their friendship played like a relationship; shame there wasn't a kiss between them! Also loved Nicholas Hoult as Beast (despite the fact that he looks so much like James Marsden he really should have been young Cyclops, Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw (the German accent WAS creepily sexy) and the awesome 3 word cameo from a certain grumpy mutant. Nice nods to continuity too- Stryker, Cerebro and a 5 second cameo from Storm, fortunately not played by Halle Berry so not sucking :)

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Canonically, the Doctor was at Gallifrey's Academy, along with the Master and the Rani. Failed his exams the first time (Master stole his thesis idea), aced them the second time (though the Rani scored higher- a fact which she keeps remind him of)

"Pledge at Ood Sigma- our beer kegs are bigger on the inside" :)

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I call Bantha dung. If Obi-Wan is dead, how come the Empire buried him in Tattooine's Great Dune Sea, straight into the Sarlaac, without any preliminaries? That's not in accordance with Jedi customs. I want to see the holograms!

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Dewback joke for the win.

At this point, the only way to stop Lucas from raping any more childhoods is to freeze him in Carbonite. What's next George? Hayden Christiensen discovering the Ark of the Covenant in a crater on Naboo?!

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Classic WHO episodes that would make great band names:

* The Happiness Patrol (Christiaan Skaa band)
* Horns of Nimon (British Metal)
* Snakedance (Enya's latest album after she's had a bit too much Bailey's)
* Power of Kroll (Electronica)
* Earthshock (Comeback album by Sting)
* Pyramids of Mars (New Age)