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Support can happen beyond the R1 model, the problem is making it something profitable for all parties involved. So far, it isn't making those kinds of moves. Here's hoping we can help the companies find new footing, and in turn, help the medium out of its creative rigor.

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Yes. And that spin must function from a modern framework. Time and perception dictates a great deal. Technophobia has changed, and it will continue to change, one must agree.

I saw Terminator on the screen when released, and at the time, the irrationality was what worked for me anyway. Now, we see the machines in full glory, with no mystery, and that's the tragedy. We want to see too much.

Now, it must take on the mystery again in order for it to truly work. And it's hard to keep the mundane terrifying. Once people see something as "cool", it loses any sense of power over the viewer, and just becomes commercial masturbation.

But just seeing machines as "evil"'s just silly.

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Thorough agreement.

It isn't so much that the idea isn't valid, it's more a combination of our own contemporary perceptions on the technology that surrounds us, coupled with the fact that the idea has been diluted by simple logic. We only fear that which we do not understand, and the generations since the first Terminator (or even The Forben Project for that matter), have long since past - these were times when the only folks who truly understood where technology stood were the "eggheads" and uber geeks of their time. We have since been saturated with what the technology can do, and thus see it as trivial to think that our creation would have no better solution than merely acting upon an impulse that is more fitting to our more savage nature.

If anything, the machines have won via our addictions, and our daily psychology by feeding into our greatest weakness; our sloth.

In short, the idea of machines creating a violent uprising of any kind is just too ridiculous now. We are more familiar, and as such, we've become more cynical. And when the eye has seen everything, we adjust and await the next illogical horror that comes our way.

Man's greatest enemy is itself, and that may have been the ingredient that the original Terminator contained, thus giving it it's juice. Our ability to disconnect is truly terrifying.