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Hyper partisan. Most of your links are left-leaning. Feeding "wait and see" birdseed to conservatives (because you care so much, after all this calumny, unhinged in this post, after seeming so vanilla milquetoast?) to pacify while the knife slips in deeper...shameful.

Nobody who wants taxpayer-paid health care as badly as you doesn't vote. Well, unless that conviction keeps you from it

Stupid sock puppet attempt above, too. You're just an infomercial. Dude.

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Yes, but that does not speak to what should be charged in each restaurant, it speaks to how many restaurants in that price range the local market will bear. There is a point where people who don't want to cook will go out and spend $7 on our BLT example. But it won't be all people every day. So maybe that market can bear that price point in three restaurants and no more could open to sustain the business. Your big clue is when the bank will stop lending for that business model.

If you cannot get full at that price point (Tommy), then you need to find another business model. He didn't want to do that, because he thinks of his skill set as "less than" and that he isn't worthy of running a higher-rate menu/establishment. "Diner" does not denote anything these days but charm. Fog City Diner in San Fran makes money hand over fist and serves "diner" dishes and charges market rate for them.

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Exactly. These namby-pamby watchers have no idea what it's like in a real kitchen. These owners are usually either lazy or drunk or arrogant and have not taken to heart what it means to be responsible food service providers. Health and safety standards and consistency next = profit.

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Doesn't it seem like the owner was more interested in acting as the low-cost charity to the community rather than running a restaurant? If he was going out of business at those prices, and he lowered the prices to help those who can't keep him in business, then he's running a charity...not a restaurant. He deserves to be out of business and should open a soup kitchen. He has the heart for it...just not the business sense.

The shame of it is that he cared more about those low-rent customers than what will happen to his own family and employees by going out of business. Now no one is being served. Brilliant.

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Oh yes, and the best of all "health care" innovations, capital gains taxes go up. You're right just took us so long to get to that page.

Why would Obama be surprised that the mandate could be viewed as a tax and then fight the implication when he already had tax hikes built into the bill, separate from the mandate?

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Please make this man leave office. Please. He sullies my nation.

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Sorry, who in power has proposed banning contraception? Is this another made up thing?

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I'm taking it you didn't read the material in the link. Because you just doubled down on cut-and-paste made-up stuff. Want to take a second look at the references?

Interested in references?

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And the African post-pubescent males they captured were castrated, to boot. Most died.

Lovely Islamic slavers. A thousand years of this stuff.

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With the Muslim tents they have walking around there now you'd think the French would have the advantage, but still not working...