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You might consider adding a link to Reptile on this page for people who are sold after watching the video ;)

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A Thesis peep whose skills are pretty amazing considering his age is Alex Fraiser who created Asnio and Blogussion. Bill Erickson is another super-talented developer whose familiar with Thesis. My last recommendation is Jermaine Maree who's the founder of WP Bandit and actually has a Theme Framework of his own called Reptile.

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Check out chapter 6 of The Audacity of Hope.

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Oh wow, this is fantastic. I'm blown away at the quality of events here in Atlanta lately. I can't wait.

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Hi Rajiv-

I really enjoy your posts about AWS and WordPress. I'm about to make the transition myself, and your write-ups are extremely helpful. Thanks!

Willie Jackson

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I'm feeling this, Shaun. I don't think Jay-Z was dissing the artist he mentions in the song (he actually praises them in his interview about the song here), but I appreciate the point you make about not using gimmicks in preaching.

One of my favorite preachers refers to the light show and theatrics on stage as "Six Flags over Jesus." He talks about how preachers in this country often get caught up with the wealthy lifestyle that surrounds a "successful" ministry, whereas a lot of preachers in third-world countries are content to plant churches, live below their means, and know nothing other than the gospel of Christ. Interesting contrast.

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Thanks again for doing this post, David. I think it's the kind of information that people only look for when they need it, which is of course...too late.

I look forward to the random comments when people find it via Google - it has already been crawled.

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Thanks, Nomnso-

I actually love small fonts (and write really tiny), but I realize that the people reviewing my resume and emails might not. Accordingly, I adjust the size of my fonts when I'm preparing a document or email for someone outside of the circle of people with whom I regularly communicate.

Another thing I'm glad you pointed out is that resume bullets should be conversation points; not life stories. People generally aren't very strategic when it comes to writing their resumes.

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I'm glad you're doing this, Shaun.

It's exactly what we need, and you're particularly very visible to the demographic (young, tech savvy minorities) that isn't typically mentored about finance and sound money decisions.

Thanks for what you do at the Courageous Church and Atlanta in general.