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Jase, this was an excellent post about the realities of launching a new website.

You kept the article real, outlining real problems when launching websites.

I actually did my research on the site design from other people before outsourcing
to a programmer. And you're right about not scheduling anything else. There's a lot
of going back and forth with the programmer, over days, or weeks at a time.

I've seen some of those "website down" construction templates on websites that
are currently in the works. It's crucial for your customers, so they know you haven't
gone out of business. Usually that's my 1st assumption, is the internet marketing
business is gone.

I've also had to push back my launch date 4 or 5 times, but i'm glad I did. You don't
want to launch a sub par, capture page, or website, when it's not 100 percent.

Playing the devil's advocate, as long as you have the basic skeleton of what your
website should look like, and how it should function, get it up and running. Don't
wait, because it's not pretty.

Like Russell Brunson says, Ready, Fire, Aim. Meaning after your idea, get the
business, or product moving, then pick up the broken pieces, and fix the bugs
as you go.

So don't wait too long for launch. Don't be afraid. Just pull the trigger when you
know it's time. You can work out details like your merchant account, autoresponders
for your internet marketing home business. Just get it moving.

And my favorite. Celebrate once it's up and making you money.

Happy Prospecting,
William Whitlow
Home Business On Line Marketer

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I've had a few of those out here in Arizona. Not as many though. I do Extra Large Grade AA, and get the double yolk about twice a year.
William Whitlow