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Fantastic write up, sounded like you were at a special HRC; Welcome Bace to California/Reunion rather than a commercial/publicity based event! Excellent pics too, but You dont me to tell you that!

And from personal experience (having been to both) Disneyland is WAY better than Disneyworld: it's smaller and gives you a sense of being at a personal party, rather than the over advertized, pack-em-in attitude of the Florida venue. If you go, try to find the exec offices (flash some sort of badge at them) and demand to know why neither NIN nor Mastodon have never been Grand Marshalls of the Daily Parade at either location, then try to get a pic before they have a chance to yell for 'security'!!

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color me green with envy, it was an event I'd have traded one of my sisters to go see! i'd trade both of them to attend with my daughter! It's kind of a wicked pleasure for me when you review a band from back in the day, I've been a small town parent so long that country music has totally replaced the R&R that my parents hated so much. Good to see these bands pull together and put on a successful show - and from your vivid review I can see that it was exactly that! I have 'Dark Side of the Moon' & 'The Wall' on vinyl, in one of my boxes in storage - i'll be digging them out sooner than later!
ps: when you noticed all the smoke in the air, did your Dad inhale, or cough?

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California's loss is Texas' gain! HRC, the music of Austin awaits you!