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Nuclear development is just a pretext. The US/isreal want regime change because trade in oil in other than USd will undermine the greenbacks hegemony in the world.

Oil is traded in two oil bourses, one in London the other in New York. All trade is conducted in US dollars. Countries wishing to trade in oil must have a reserve of US dollars. If trade was allowed in other than US currency the value of the USd would plummet and all the paper the US has spread over the world will come back as wallpaper.

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The zionist regime has liberal inhibitions??? That must be the reason they didn't murder so many Gazans during operation Castlead. Or why they gave up their lust for the Litani River and left Lebanon. Or why they didn't assassinate ALL the intelligentsia in Iraq.

So you'd like to see 100+ mushroom clouds caused by the zionists murdering Iranians. Do you plan on holding your breath for a couple hundred years? The radiation of all those mushroom clouds will spread all over the world..

You are a sick puppy Andrew, get help.

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everyone they kill is a militant, it doesn't matter if they are five or fifty, all we have is their word and the so called "Palestinian officials"

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These people are not "settlers" they are squatters. "settler" implies a legality that is not present in the occupied territories. The thievery that is going on in the West Bank should not be treated by the press as a moral correction by the chosen over the unchosen.

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It seems to have been overlooked but the US is in violation of the Foreign Aid Act (Symington and Glenn Amendments) . Is this an impeachable offense?

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iran is a threat to the US. But not a nuclear threat. Iran, like Iraq, wants to trade oil with the Euro and other currencies in its proposed oil bourse, At present oil is traded internationally exclusively with US dollars . All countries who trade in oil have to have a supply of greenbacks to trade causing the US dollar to dominate world trade and giving the paper a value of its own, like gold. However, if the hegemony of the greenback is toppled all that paper will come flooding back to the US creating runaway inflation and effectively rendering the greenback worthless.

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Is anyone surprised? Obama prostrated himself twice before the alter of AIPAC during his election campaign. AIPAC is now calling the tune, Pipe! Obama ! PIPE!!!!