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Are there *still* MRAs hatereading this comic months later? Incredible.

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Disarming the ancient evil by wearing it as a hat, aka the Vanderbeam Maneuver.

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I think what he means is you should post the last two panels to tumblr with the URL still attached, in the hope that said URL will survive when it starts being used as a reaction image. We're potentially looking at the new "I want this because of reasons" from Three Word Phrase.

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The secret is confining all the Prohibition-era slang to Planchett.

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Pokémon in a heartbeat.

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Dude's fairly misogynistic, as it turns out. You don't have to google far to see the accusations against him, and the connected essays on how it negatively impacts his writing.

There may be other charges levied against him too, I'm not sure. This is just the chatter I've picked up on.

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A hundred clams in 1930s dollars is close to or greater than $1.5k in 2012 dollars. That's some considerable scratch!

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Augh, I feel terrible for mentioning this since the rest of the art looks great (especially Chet and the backdrop!), but ever since it was pointed out in the comments three strips ago, the three-fourth perspective mouths being used on heads in profile looks so weird. The impression that Wade has a jaw sprouting out of his cheek today just can't be shaken.

Would a gap in the head where the mouth is be possible for side-shots? Or even just erasing the small line suggesting the upper lip jutting out would help.

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Kris do you still have the headshot of this guy you posted way back when? It was pretty neat

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God I missed you Chex ;_; Never leave me again

It just occurred to me: is this the first time we've seen Chex cuss? Mr. Nightmare's investing in EDGY for his comeback tour.