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Me:Scrappy Stoutland?
Me:you know what to do...

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i was thinking about this just yesterday...I'd buy this so hard...

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Actually I've 4 sets of the beast trio. the regular in-game set from soul silver and 3 sets of the shiny zorua movie event trio for Platinum/Diamond/Soulsilver

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It would be better for everyone if they did just put them in game but it would kind of trivialize the legendaries (well more than they already are) if they did that. then you could just keep catching them each new game and have like 3 sets of the Kanto trio.

And it is kind of odd that you can't trade items between Black/White and the sequels. They had developed time travel since G/S/C and they just got rid of it!

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Mewtwo used Psystrike. It's super effective! you immediately regret what you did just for power! The blood will never wash out!

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Looks nice but the only question I have is: If the game is set in an arcade then why do bowser and robotnik look like their modern selves? unless this arcade has translated Japanese Imports bowser should look like king koopa

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sorry but who's the the hairy guy?

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How it would produce said jar is even more horrifying

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No you didn't. It was the only one left. Blue snatched the only other pokemon whilst you were trying in vain to ignore his girth

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ya know... changeable themes would actually be a good idea.