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"The conflicts run much deeper," the journalist added.

More than likely countries like Iran and Saudi Norabia had something to do with this. Since Saudi Norabia is unbalanced as a country, with their religious police, with their women having no rights, not being able to dirve, wearing the mobile tents. Then there is Iran with the great rulings by their imams. Women who dress in western style cause earthquakes, women who appear to have a tan will be arrested, all great logical thinkers in the world of camel/islam.

No doubt since the Al-Jejerka networks beam into these countries, the local muslims are seeing women on TV who represent everything Iran and Saudi Norabia preach against.

They are right there is more to this than meets the eye. It is called typical Muslim bigotry on an advanced scale.

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Pamela Gellar is a true American Patriot. Have donated to this cause. The cause is just and the threat of Islam in America, is as real as you can get. It is right and proper to try to help those who try to escape the evil religion, and political movement, which is Islam. Here the New York press complains about an advertisement helping people, yet they say nary a word about a thirteen story mosque being built on the site of 9/11, where many Americans were assasinated by Muslim Terrorists. Many folks in New York deserve the Islamification of their City. See how they will laugh when Bloomberg approves Sharia courts in their grand city.

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Religious police. Now that is a hoot. Called the parents and made them sign pledges. Now that is another hoot. Can we doubt the seventh century mentality of Saudi Arabia. And someone already made the astute comment that these people are our allies. Get Sharia instituted anywhere, and then you have the religious police. Since Obama leans towards a Muslim agenda, perhaps this is part of his new economic plan. Get Sharia here in the states, then there would be new employment with the new need for American religious police. Course would Americans have to pay for it, or would the Saudis pay, since they have infiltrated our government, pay for organizations such as CAIR, pay for most of the Mosques in this country, and pay for the establishment of Islamic studies and Islamic student groups on our college campuses. Funny the Saudis can't reform their own country, and they are trying to export their crap throughout the world.

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What a shame that this brave cartoonist has to be treated this way by muslim zealots in Sweden. What a peaceful community that the muslims represent. Tolerant, forgiving, assimilating, outstanding representatives of the human race. Not!

The simple answer for Sweden is to immediately ban immigration from Muslim countries, secondly to begin deportation of muslims back to their homelands. Once they arrive back home, they can thank Allah, and all will be well with the world.

What a shame that any western country allows these muslims to immigrate. It is like importing disaster on a massive scale.

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He says the answer is that God allows some of those who "provoke His wrath" to continue sinning "so that they (eventually) go to the bottom of Hell.

Unfortunately the cleric does not realize that he and his fellow countrymen are already in hell.

It is called "Iran"

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One really needs to appreciate this guy. He should be on Saturday Night Live. That he is an idiot is a given. That he is a male bigot is a given. That he denotes morality basically to be anything connected with women, must mean this joker needs to take viagra. Or his impotence something to be blamed on women also. Impotence or self imposed importance not really sure which one would apply to this idiot. Good thing the nut is in Iran, or he would not have an audience. Kind of reminds me of that guy in the early days of the Iraq war that kept on making comments about the success of the Iraqi armed forces, at the time they were being demolished. Glad Breitbart keeps reporting on this maniac, since everyone needs a dose of humor now and then.

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Just more proof that Islam is a relgion of Peace. HA HA. When all is said and done, it can be said that Muslims, with all their pent up stress points, have no tolerance for anything. Islam is the relgion of Peace. Tell me more! Islam would not know "Peace" if it came out of the ground, like their oil. And does anyone wonder, just why, these countries allow the Muslims to immigrate into their once great and peaceful lands. Muslim equals violence. Muslim equals no tolerance. Muslim equals the ability to be offended by anything, and by everyone. Just why do we let these fools into our countries, that my friends is the question.

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The United States needs to have brave legislatures to introduce a similar ban on the bag worn by muslim women, and now more frequently by muslim criminals. The wearing of this costume makes the women wearing it, look like newly arrived aliens from another planet. Who cares it they claim it is part of their religion. If they want to wear a trash bag they should have stayed in their home country. One has to admire the inate stupidity of the so called religion of peace. Would like to say peace my a--!

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La Raza is a racist organization like everyone else has stated. My family and many of my friends will travel to Arizona, as will many friends, to show solidarity with the people of Arizona. La Raza and the other organizations, are about as effective as a clown in their attempt to get attention for their side of the issue of illegal immigration. They speak of immigration, but never mention the word illegal. The fact that La Raza calls for a boycott is a good event. It will call attention to their hypocrisy. The more they cry about rights being violated, the more they dig their own grave, in that the majority of Americans are becoming fed up with their childish protests, and their never ending line of verbal crap, to get the illegal folks a free pass, instead of a one way ticket back to their country of origin.

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What part of illegal doesn't Katie understand. As part of the liberal press, she believes that people who are illegal aliens have rights, the same as citizens of this country. What a lame excuse of reporting. This is also the type of reporting which denies that there are" Muslim Terrorists" committing "Jihad" in the good old United States of America. The United States will soon Politically Correct itself into a third world status, as the majority of Americans ignore the many obvious threats present in our country.