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Thank God she wasn't elected President! And where was Obama's pea brain when he EVEN thought of selecting her for Sec of State?? Even in the White House , she was "The Third Lady" !! Should have selected the "First Lady" Lewinsky! I almost hope Israel attacks Iran. At least we will be rid of a growing parasite on the US Congress, The White House and us (taxpayers who maintain their existence). . If Obama was not lying (yeah right) when he he made that hypocritical speech in Russia," NO Country should interfere in or impose its will upon "soveign" states. Either he is terrified of the military and the military/industrial complex AND Israel, or he always intended to do a moonwalk that would make Michael Jackson's look like a two step. In deference, GM should create a vehicle ( The Obama) with 1 forward gear and 6 reverse to be controlled by an onboard computer with absolutely no mind of its own.

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It is WAY overtime to get rid of the old school recipients of campaign contributions from the industrial/military complex and AIPAC. It's a new order coming along congressman, get used to it , admit your shortcomings and get the hell out of Congress while we still have a semblence of a democracy that was initially intended. You leeches have already destroyed most of what took 200 years to establish. How far will you go to line your pockets at our expense??????

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ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! Ya wonder what protest would emanate from our "unbiased" congress when the IDF brutally supresses Palastinian protests? Our intelligence agencies don't have a CLUE about the inner workings of Iranian politics, but we feel it is SO important we have to protest!

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I can't believe the US President said " The United States will protect the security of the world" (in response to N.Korea's latest nuclear detonation. Now what world are you thinking about protecting you "Who in Hell Sellected You to be our Guardian , you degenerate"? China, India, Brazil, Russia, Nigeria, El Salvador, or Iran? So now not only is the United States in peril, it is the WORLD! Nice try, but no Cigar, and nobody except the idiots in your own country are buying your "Fear Mongering". Go back to picking on Iran. At least you have allies in Congress, Hillary, Ross, and Netanyahoo. Please, don't worry about the World, we will do fine without your "protection".