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We no longer have a representative-style Republic...what we have more closely resembles a fledgling totalitarian state anxious to impose more tyranny upon We, The People and assume full communist monolithic standing...Every day, another liberty or two, another right or two, another freedom or two are sacrificed in the cauldron of the Congress and the Ovaltine office in the "white" house.
Our Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves as the blitzkrieg of the Anointed One continues it relentless assault on the American way of life, which is (or was) one of freedom, liberty, honor, integrity, truth, faith, courage, selflessness and patriotism, among other noble qualities...
As a nation, we have taken a disastrous wrong turn...if we don't find our way back, and soon - America will be no more.

"May GOD Bless and Preserve the United States of America, ONE Nation - under GOD - with Liberty and Justice for All."

Thank a Veteran today - they deserve it, an' you'll feel better, too.

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..."Why Didn't Eric Holder Fight Against This Racial Discrimination?"...
Well, FIRST, he himself is a racist pawn and lapdog buddy of the Racist-in-Chief, who's also his boss...
SECOND, A.G. Eric Holdup only selectively enforces laws with which he (and his boss) agree, and those legal actions which he prefers to prosecute...everything else is just ignored, or dispensed with through meaningless jibberish that poses as a reasoned explanation...'Holder is stupid - so jibberish is about the best he can do...

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..."Or were the Congress clowns just lying to us again?"...
It's what they do best ... in fact, it's about ALL that they do...

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Everything this mobster @sshole does threatens the free speech and self determination of Americans. His Kenyan/Arab half-breed B0$$ also threatens the Constitution every day he remains in the Ovaltine Office.

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Pay no attention and give no credence to the liars, frauds and hypocrites amongst us...they are beneath contempt, and deserving of righteous indignation by people of good hearts and open minds for the truth.

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Indeed...It's long been said that the Dimocraps only have one means of addressing a problem - burying it in tax-payers' money (since they have none of their own to waste). The mention of funding by the Liar-In-Chief triggers the lapdog media to run their stories on this scandal along the angle that with more money to throw at this problem, it would never have reached this level of embarrassment to the "white" house...and of course, that triggers the blame game targeting the Republicans, who control the purse strings in the US House. But that's pure heresy and hype, and nowhere near the truth. The corruption, deceit, fraud and criminal neglect took place with more than adequate funding of the VA...and this problem has existed for more than ten years...Anything to deflect the spotlight onto the Conservatives and away from the guilty is exactly what the d@mn Dimocraps will do - they are infernally predictable.
The VA system was awarding fat bonu$e$ to employees who cooked the books and lied about wait times of veterans for appointments - making themselves look good and eligible for bonu$e$ at the expense of veterans - some of whom DIED waiting for medical care that never came, waiting for a call-back that was never made. These veterans were summarily ignored, and some of them DIED as a consequence...
Do you think any one will do any jail or prison time for their culpable participation in this this little death panel game? I'm surprised they weren't placing bets on how long it would take a sick veteran to die... This is a national disgrace.
But Obama will brush it under the rug as yesterday's news, and Jay Carney will stumble and stammer on the tough questions, and then move on to something about which he is competent to respond. The families of the forty veterans who died should hold a sit-in on the front lawn of the "white" house and demand Obama do his job, to NOT appoint a Shinseki lackey to fill his now-vacated post, and to assign impartial investigators to find out what happened and who was responsible and to publicly FIRE every one of them, so that they can NEVER work in healthcare-related jobs again...Obama in not just a lame excuse for a president, he is a lame excuse for a human being...

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I'm quite willing to allow that Gen. Shinseki is a good man and was a good soldier in a thankless and pointless war (Vietnam) ... but he is doing the right thing in resigning...the swirling debate over his possible resignation or firing was a distraction - his decision to step down was a wise move (I presume it was his decision, since his boss never fires though admitting to the most common of mistakes is just not possible for the Anointed One) It was not possible for him to be effective under the present leadership is essential...and that would also be true of the "white' house...although we could not get that lucky.

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It's an insignificant point, I suppose, but the Nazis were facists, which was a right-wing political ideology. Obama is more akin to a communist, which is a leftist ideology. Nazis and Communists were bitter enemies back in the Thirties and Forties...
Obama is most definitely a tyrant and a dictator, and he is apparently self-convinced of his righteousness and brilliance...He knows everything and he is right on everything...he is surrounded by "yes" men and women and no one disputes him...he is thin-skinned and doesn't suffer well opinions that do not agree with his...he is an autocrat of the first order...he needs to be removed from office - hopefully, by legal and constitutional means...but he needs to go. If he doesn't lose his job soon -- We, The People stand to lose EVERYTHING.

**Please Support The US Constitution and Defend our Freedom for our Children's Sake!**

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The green agenda and global warming is, indeed, a scam to enable Obama to do what Congress temporarily denied him with their defeat of his "cap 'n trade" scheme. He is determined to bankrupt the nation and no one - NO ONE! - is doing anything to stop him. Congress does not act, and they are the ONLY federal entity which CAN take formal and Constitutional action to stop him.
If the Conservatives fail to capture the Senate while holding onto the House this fall, America is done for, and nothing short of - well, you know - will slow or stop the agenda of evil and destruction that is the ObamaNation.
It's difficult to believe that it has come to this...but desperate times call for desperate measures...
'May God Bless the United States of America"...........

**Please Support The US Constitution and Defend our Freedom for our Children's Sake!**

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I don't think he has a few loose screws in his skull - perhaps you're wishful-thinking of a few bullits...but in any case...he's what we used to call "dumb like a fox"...He is an America-hating muzlim who has sworn to bring this nation to its moral, political and economic knees. He is following Saul Alinsky's published agenda for national destruction as outlined in his "Rules for Radicals," which is - for Obama - the Bible of empire destroying...the empire being "America." He is well on his way to succeeding at this evil quest he set forth on some years ago...
'From America's standpoint - he is EVIL incarnate. He hates everything that Americans cherish - and he embraces what Americans loath. He is a consummate teller of lies, and possesses no conscience, no moral compass, no morality...only the goal of reducing America to third-world status...impotent, bankrupt, broken in every that it can be rebuilt as a communistic Islamic satellite of the Ayatollah he likely worships every night.
His incompetence and inept policies are a distraction and a facade...He is not the fool we are led to believe he is. He is malevolent and cunning, and he has played the gullible, detached, disengaged and apathetic American public like a real pro...We have been gamed and duped...and as a nation, we are witnessing our demise...Maybe bullits ARE the answer...there must BE an answer somewhere....