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I never said change was a bad thing, just this change was... and I don't like the ps3 interface, it took over an hour to connect and play metal gear 4, the xbox would never have allowed that.

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Well that zombie better let me know tonight so I can correct my mistake.

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I'm talking about Dead Rising 1, but yea Dead Rising 2 comes out tonight and I'm not going to lie I wish I had it.

Based on Case Zero the games are very similar so yea I can help, I'm a god damn expert at this point.

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I totally didn\'t notice, do you think that\'s why they call it the Aloha state?

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Oh my god, that's hilarious!

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You know what, the more I think about it the more this irks me. So the best New Hampshire could come up with is a rock formation they didn't create that isn't even there anymore?

Talk about sloppy, there has to be better things then that to etch into metal.

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I'm a strange collector, I want one of each, it doesn't matter their printer or condition.

As soon as I have them all I may spend them, or I may do it even sooner then that. Once their on this list it "counts"

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That's a shame, and also gives more credence to me saying it could have been a better design.

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You may see this as a technicality, but I would classify this as an Xbox live arcade game rather then a demo mainly because a demo is a playable part of an upcoming game and this is not.

I think Crackdown lets you earn achievements that will become unlocked when you put in the full game, but I'm not sure.