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Well, it seems that according to the Daily Kos, Research 2000 polling is as good as garbage. I guess 538 is going to have to adjust their rating of them. All the while Rasmussen keeps its sterling reputation and quality methods.

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Nah, not "worst person in the world" enough.

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Sorry, but any poll by the Daily Kos is as reliable as a Bernie Madoff certified check.

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I agree, blaming Obama for all of this is not fair (and I'm no fan of Mr. Obama). But we have a generation of Americans that really believe that government can do everything only if the "right" person is at the helm. So much for that.

"I don't think American oil is quite as plentiful as you suggest..."

Our reserves of natural gas are ENORMOUS and we have to drill to get to some of it. Drill, baby, drill.

BTW, where's FEMA been lately?

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Many have also seen the 9-11 Truthers, Communists, and Obama as Hitler signs at Anti-war protests but the Left never has to explain themselves about those ugly facts.

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Yes, John, and you need to stop getting your “news” from the likes of Keith Olberman, John Stewart, and Rachel Maddow…their rotting your brain. Scientists like totally need their brains.

All the acoustic switch does is set off the blowout preventer remotely—that’s it. The most important piece of equipment is the blowout preventer. And for some reason, it hasn’t been activated even after attempts by subs have tried to do so manually. So having the acoustic switch may not have mattered. The decision not to mandate the use of acoustic switches was not done by the White House but by U.S. regulators because of reliability concerns. The U.K., which has a lot of off-shore oil rigs in the North Sea does not mandate the use of acoustic switches. We simply don’t know what happened to cause this accident. It is possible that it was something that engineers could not have foreseen and that any “fail safe” equipment could not have handled. It’s all unknown right now.

So yeah, blame Bush and adjust your tin foil hat. It’s all his fault.

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No, John...your logic fucking sucks.

Hundreds of thousands (maybe millions around the world) have died in automobile and airplane accidents (How many have died from falling bombs from airplanes?) nearly a hundred years and yet society has reasonable deemed the benefits of these advances far greater than their inherit risks. You, John, are one of those radical air heads that believes that you can get something for nothing while typing away at a machine made mostly by petroleum. Does that sound logical or even rational? Wake up. I’m sorry to break it you but your environmental utopia without oil is a sham pushed upon you by your public school teachers.

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There is no evidence that this accident was due to “weak regulatory standards.” I understand that one of your links blames the Bush administration for purportedly loosening regulations that would have mandated an acoustic switch that may have (or not) stopped the oil leaking, but there is no hard evidence that the acoustic switch could have prevented the current leak.And this rig did have a “blowout preventer” (and a “dead man’s” switch too) which your link erroneously stated that it did not. This is not the first or last accident on a oil rig. But the benefits still outweigh the bad even though this horrible accident is without a doubt not something that should be taken lightly.

At least we seem to agree that the Toyota incident and the subsequent anger by customers was not due to “weak regulatory standards.”

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When an airliner tragically crashes and kills everyone aboard, does anyone suggest that society should revert back to ocean liners to get from, lets say, Boston to London? No. When there is a pile up of cars where passengers are killed, does anyone suggest that society revert to the alternative of horse and buggy? No. Accidents happen even in a perfect world and no reasonable person is going to revert to a lower standard of living because of the threat of the odd incident. So why is oil held to a different standard than other technologies?

Oil is utilized in some form in every stage of production for a constellation of goods. How are you going to make medical devices, medicine, fertilizer, parts for vehicles, etc. without petroleum? Our economy would come to a standstill without it.

There are almost 4,000 oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico that have been operating for years without an accident of this magnitude. This event is a clear outlier in an industry that has done a remarkable job with safety.

The next time an 18 wheeler pulls up with the food and goods that you need that makes your life comfortable and possible--thank oil.

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New Jersey a failed experiment? Ha! Try California. We are in the hole $20 billion right now with no real way of fixing the problem.