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I totally agree. There is more to skating than jumps, which is why Sasha Cohen will probably always be my favourite skater.

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Great. I hope you continue to comment, as it makes the website much better when people interact. I'll definitely keep posting these articles on Facebook.

You can grab an RSS feed from my Twitter page (http://www.supercute.ca/twitter). The Twitter feed will alert you whenever I have a new post.

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BTW2, you should know that the match wasn't over. I love Kim Clijsters and I have been rooting for her to win this entire tournament, but as a Clijsters fan, I know she has a history of choking. Also, Serena is 7-1 against Clijsters . . . Serena was also a hold away from a tiebreak to even the match and would have been favoured to win the third set. So yes, the match was still up for grabs.

Also, I'm not saying that Serena gets to behave the way she wants because she is black. The fact that that's what you took from my statements is crazy. I'm asking for equal treatment and you take that as me asking for privileged treatment because of her minority status? Think again please.

Your own biases show clearly through your post.

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BTW the point about male players not doing the same? Have you seen Andy Roddick? Nevermind John McEnroe. Please, Serena's actions aren't even in the same league.

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Seriously, on its own it doesn't seem like much, but watch the old videos and the history of Serena's treatment plus the treatment of other players who went way beyond the beyond (like John McEnroe) and tell me that she deserved to be defaulted.

Yes, I know John McEnroe was thrown out at Aussie Open once, but even then what he did was way beyond what happened here.

Please see the whole picture here. Did you have a chance to watch the video above to give perspective?

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Specifically this post is about the treatment of the Williams sisters. I believe it does happen in wider sports, but the fact that Serena is so dominant in her sport amplifies the situation.

The reason why I think this is racially motivated is that there was a previous incident involving Venus Williams (and Irina Spirlea) where Venus was flat-out called racially derogatory names. I just think Irina Spirlea was saying how a lot of people in tennis were starting to feel.

I don't think it's changed. Venus and Serena are too classy to say that these incidents are racially motivated, but seriously. And you know I don't mention race often, and not at all on my comedy website of all places. But yeah, this is really out of hand now, and I thought someone had to point it out.

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I was definitely nervous to be performing my first bit of material. My first performance actually ran almost 15 minutes, believe it or not. I definitely didn't loathe what I wrote. I was more focused on delivering the material as best as I could. I believed in the material I wrote and was more worried about the performance itself.

Just keep in mind for your first performance that it's more important to take in the experience. Your material doesn't have to be perfect at all, just get up there and gain as much experience as you can.

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I'm definitely interested.

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Yeah, I'm kind of impressed as well. I had very low expectations for him coming in. I think he may actually have a chance at making it to the finals (to face Adam Lambert of course).