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It seems like early Christians accused members of nearly every other group of eating their children, and that makes me wonder if their odd Communion rituals were just the tip of the iceberg. At the least, it seems like there was an obsession with the ritualistic use of blood. The displacement theory seems like a solid possibility.

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Yes, the tendency of these groups to exploit the desperate for their own gain reminds me far too much of some of the worst aspects of religion.

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Yes, here's hoping we continue to enjoy that bit of good fortune. I think it would be fairly easy to disengage from a casual acquaintance but much harder if it was a family member or someone else one was living with. That would have to be difficult.

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That is a good reminder. I've always thought that the way to demonstrate one's love of country was to work to make it a better place rather than to angrily deny its faults.

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The U.S. sat by and did nothing as Rwanda fell apart, and the sentiment at the time seemed to be that it was tragic but didn't impact our economy due to their lack of oil. I would agree there are times when the U.S. and other developed nations should support and assist U.N. peacekeepers. I could also imagine scenarios where greater levels of involvement are necessary when those interventions are ineffective. But then I look at how we went into Iraq after 9/11 even though there was no connection between Iraq and 9/11. That seemed like we were looking for an excuse.

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That sucks. I'm sorry to hear about your husband. January seems awfully recent, so I hope you are doing okay under the circumstances. Grief is one of those times when the appeal of religion becomes fairly obvious. Like you said, that doesn't mean we can somehow will ourselves to believe things we know aren't true.

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Yes, I also like knowing there are others out there. I think that is one of the things that keeps me blogging.

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Like many people, I often catch myself complaining about some random member of Congress before the reality hits me that they are only there because lots of people wanted them to be there and were willing t show up to vote for them. Unbelievably, this is true for the worst of them just as it is for the best of them. That leaves me thinking something like, "What's wrong with the people who live in that part of the state/province?" One of the possibilities you suggested was a lack of empathy. I often find myself thinking about this, and I'd have to agree that it is a critical part of the problem.

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It does seem to require an awful lot of time and attention. One blogging model I came across for busy bloggers recently was setting the goal to write one post a month. I haven't seen many blogs make that their planned strategy, but it seems like that might be a viable alternative to stopping altogether. But like you said, individual bloggers would still have to decide if doing something like that was worthwhile.

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Glad to hear it is working. Thanks for letting me know!