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He/it would almost certainly have to provide evidence even to get that crowd to believe it. Of course, they'd probably have very different standards of evidence than we might. In a fundamentalist Christian megachurch, something like a demonstration of great wealth would probably be enough to persuade some.

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Through Bigfoot, all things are possible. Perhaps Bigfoot even helped the ancient aliens build the pyramids.

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Maybe that could be one of the (many) sequels made to cash in on the success of the first film. My plan was that there would only be one Bigfoot creature in the first, several in the second, and so maybe the third could involve them hiding out in churches. They'd probably feel right at home alongside some of the other predators one finds there.

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Oh yeah, I never miss an episode of SNL! That was a good one.

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Good points. I too am reminded of what my elders used to say about my generation whenever I hear my contemporaries criticizing the youth. I don't have to like their music. I'm content with mine, and I recognize that theirs isn't for me just as mine wasn't for my parents.

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When a Boomer says something a Millenial does not like, the Millenial responds with, "OK Boomer!" It is intended to be a dismissive expression not unlike "whatever" or "get bent." Essentially, it conveys that the Millenial does not care what the Boomer thinks and would prefer not to hear from them.

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And if it wasn't gods, then we can be fairly certain it must have been ancient aliens (or so I have been told repeatedly).

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I like the way you put it about how atheists are "forced to bear the burden of accommodation..." This is too often the case. I certainly try to avoid unproductive strife, family or otherwise, but usually having to be the one to accommodate gets old and I find myself doing far less of it these days.

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I don't think any of us (i.e., humans) are perfectly rational all of the time. We all seem to have some irrational beliefs, and our overall level of irrationality probably varies on a continuum. It makes more sense to me to label particular beliefs as irrational than to label people as irrational even though it seems clear that some people hold more irrational beliefs than others. I have not known many flat-earthers or anti-vaxers personally, but I have known a few creationists who were capable of intellectual debate and were worth knowing in other respects. They definitely held irrational beliefs around creationism, but I would have missed out had I just dismissed them as irrational people and avoided them.

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Ignoring the many faults of Christianity (or any other religious belief system) probably doesn't help anyone. At least, not if we exclude the temporary benefits to the person who is doing so to successfully avoid conflict. Perhaps the same question (i.e., "How does that help anyone?") could be asked of those who repeatedly call everyone who disagrees with them "fucktard" and the like. Personally, I do not find that labeling all religious believers as "idiots" helps me in any way, and I am skeptical about whether it helps others. I know plenty of Christians who believe some ridiculous things, but I disagree that this makes them idiots. It makes them people who believe some false and sometimes detrimental things...just like the rest of us.

When I see someone reflexively calling people names and generalizing these labels to entire groups (e.g., "believers are retards," "liberals are idiots"), I see someone who appears to lack intelligent arguments to support their position. In that way, name-calling reminds me of another popular social media trend I'm not crazy about: memes. I recognize that both are a form of short-hand, but both strike me as a bit lazy and probably not very helpful.