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Verb:Make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it.

Only socialists and other misguided troglodytes think that increasing taxes is an "improvement".

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David Gregory states "This is why we have elected representatives who actually know the true financial impact of a decision like this".

So, journalists think that politicians in DC know what is best for the country, and that Americans should just trust them?

Obviously this chthonic, gormless blackguard is mentally incapable of realizing that it's just these politicians and policies that have driven this country to the edge of financial ruin. His head is inserted so far up his rectum that he'll need to cut switchbacks to get it out.

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I still remember the intense emotion of 1989, when the facade of Communism started to (literally) crumble. What a great year for Germany, Poland,Hungary, Czechoslovakia, freedom-loving people everywhere. Once again, thank you Mr. Reagan!

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Another great feature of the video is the series of quotes from winners of the Nobel Prize.

I take what Nobel Prize winners say with a large grain of salt.

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An impressive number of false statements:
1. ...our own House of Representatives has been recently overstocked... - Overstocked? That democratic process is such a pain.....

2. ...denying women access to contraception... Has this man ever shopped in a grocery store?

3. ...this looming [population] crisis... In 2008, the US birth rate dropped below 2.1, below the level at which we can sustain our population (of course, there is always illegal immigration to make up the difference)

Mr. Collins did make one accurate statement:: Defunding Planned Parenthood is akin to denying that sex never produces results unwanted by women.”. He's right...PP is all about providing abortions, but even unwanted results like liberals have the right to life.

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C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. all of their works, you can see how entertwined is both their friendship and their faith. I don't think that their relationship, nor their writings, were just happenstance.

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Do you try to be stupid, or does it just come naturally?

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Oscar winner Meryl Streep has undergone a dramatic transformation for her role as former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher...

Pop quiz: What kind of transformation would be necessary for Meryl to accurately portray Ms. Thatcher?
A. Meryl is going to grow a pair (then she could share one with Sean Penn).
B. Meryl will pull her own head out of her rectum, and develop some style and grace.
C. Meryl will no longer be a liberal sock-puppet.
D. All of the above.
E. None of the above...expect nothing better than trumpery and a desultory portrayal of Ms Thatcher's finest qualities.

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Nature abhors a vacuum, and if the last 200 years have taught us anything, it is a reiteration of the old axiom...When you don't know what you're doing, do it very carefully.

It is mind-boggling that some people expect every revolution will naturally and automatically end in democracy.

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Ahmadinejad should receive the Nobel Peace's not often that you find someone with his rare skill and ability to actually be more stupid than American liberals. Now that the award has no relevance at all, if Obama and Gore can win a Nobel, so should this nutjob.

Look for Oliver Stone and James Cameron in a slugfest over who gets to make an "enlightened" documentary about this asshat, probably starring Sean Penn.

When the bombs start falling on his beloved nuclear sites, maybe then he will finally see the "big truth".