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I too have a list of words and phrases (ones she says, and things I know she understands, lol). I guess we both have issues

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btw, was your wedding featured on Off Beat Bride? For some reason that photo looks familiar :-)

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You are soooo pretty!!!!!!

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We used cloth diapers for the first year and change of Alexa's life. We even bought the one-size version so we only had to have one set for her entire diapering life (sadly, their velcro did not hold up too well so we're not using them right now).

I try to buy natural/wooden/handmade products for her playroom (even though we all know babies dig molded plastic, ha!).

We recycle regular cans, bottles, plastic, etc. Magazines get saved for crafts and for baby to shred! All other paper news sources were canceled ages ago...electronic format is where it's at.

Old baby clothes go to a consignment sale that donates all proceeds to charity, things that don't sell get sent to friends with babies or to other clothing drives. A lot of the things we have now came from consignment sales because I love them! We even keep dresses that she "outgrows" to use as shirts the following year (I couldn't believe how many of her 3mo size things still fit her this year!).

Next year I would love to set up a rain water collection tank and a composting bin. I think when Alexa is a little older I'm gonna try my hand at gardening a bit. She'll love the dirt and it will give me something to do, with her, outside :-)

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Her photography makes me want to wait to get married till AFTER we move to Austin!

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My favorites are:
decaying leaves..smells like Fall all year round on the hiking trails
Egyptian Musk

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My laundry never smells like anything, damn free and clear products!

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Just a note...we breastfeed on demand and co-sleep, though we've had EVERY single issue you could imagine. It's something that I both love and hate at the same time, and reconsider almost daily.

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THIS is the reason why I had to leave all those AP online communities! The "my way or the highway" mentality rubbed me the wrong way. While it's fabulous to be able to apply all of the ideals of AP (if that's what feels right for your family), some people cannot...and being publicly (well public forum) shamed for having to give your babe a bottle or, GASP, using a stroller instead of wearing them 24/7 is not my idea of an uplifting and supportive group.