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Unfriendly Atheist


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Absolutely, there certainly are rational Christians. But like you said, they just haven't applied thier rationality to Christianity like they have applied it to all other things in their lives. They are conditioned from the start not to apply it to this part of their life. Because of course if they were to, it wouldn't work, it wouldn't provide what they are looking for, comfort, mystery, magic, community, and what every else they feel they get from it.

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Atheists seem nice enough to me. From my perspective, they are a hell of a lot nicer than most theists I have met. And why do you only want them to "seem" nice. It appears that your appeal is to appearances rather than reality. Just because they don't "seem" nice enough to you, does not mean that they actually are not nice. Perhaps it is your perspective, your outlook that needs to change. And why the ad hominen to start? An atheists concern and focus is with the verity of the substance of the theist argument, while it seems you want to misdirect away from this by focusing on how they “seem” to be coming off as.
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I find it highly improbable that one could arrive at Christianity through strict rationality. Since it's claims are unsupported by evidence, to believe in it despite the extreme lack of supporting evidence, faith must be applied. Many theist even claim this is the point, you must believe without evidence. That is the challenge, they claim. Believe without evidence, and you will be rewarded. Which is of course, bull$hi7.