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Probably why it's called brain"storming". It's kind of counterintuitive to expect an organized and neatly packaged idea out of a stream-of-consciousness, chaotic tossing around of ideas, isn't it?

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Your question "Or does He nudge you towards a certain direction?" hits on an interesting assumption I often make when talking about "God's Will". The question assumes that His will is not where I currently am, but somewhere else. That God's Will requires me to move towards something, that there is a destination I am trying to reach.

The issue I see with this kind of thinking is that I can become obsessed with figuring out what direction I should be moving in and miss out on the things I'm already doing that are God's Will. Which I think is an aspect of what the Nooma video hints at.

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And given the track record of the last few winners, it might be better not to win. There were some pretty good artists on the show this year, but looking at the other finalists besides Haley, you can guess what the major viewing demographic is. The results of the vote on the show are probably as much, if not more, related to demographics as it is to the quality of the performances.

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Awesome. Thanks for posting this. BTW, have you downloaded some of the tracks from the tour?

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Not so much about the book, more about the controversy it sparked before it was even released:
- Is the "Rob Bell is a Universalist" talk overblown?

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You should start a blog, along the lines of the 'stuff christians like' blog, but posting all the catchy christian sayings that people use. That'd be an entertaining read.

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"The Jerk Store called..."

Unfortunately I have the uncanny ability to relate every situation back to Seinfeld. So none of my potential responses have been funny to people in 15 years.

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(1) she's been bugging me all week when you were gonna post a response to her question...


(2) Haven't you seen Seinfeld? The speed dial is a ranking a system ("I got poison control?! That's even higher than number 1!")

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As a follow up...how do you get from where you are now to this vision? Not so much on how you go from being a casual to full-time longshoreman, 'cause you have very little impact on when the economy at the port picks back up, but more so on the missions side. What kind of missional work do you envision doing?

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Yes, until Evan wrote his comment