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The new "BULLY" per the Left is the person who says homosex is wrong, the person who believes the Bible.

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Hey Heritage.org get your facts straight before posting insulating photos! You show In-N-Out burger in your teaser photo I assume to show a typical minimum wage made burger. Well kudo's for showing the most intriguing burger! But seriously!

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fyi - TiVo Models Supported

Philips DSR6000, DSR6000R, DSR6000R1
Sony SAT-T60

Product Specific Notes


TiVoWebPlus Edition Now Available

InstantCake TWP Editition for your Series1 unit includes LBA48 support, large swap, and has been tested to run on drives as large as 750GB. This special version of InstantCake will build the equivalent of our TiVoWebPlus replacement drive kits featuring TiVoWebPlus 2.0 -- this means you can purchase a TurboNet or CacheCard separately and install it in your unit, connect it to your home network, and access it via any PC/MAC browser for remote scheduling and management. You can even use our popular, and free GoToMyDVR service to access your unit automatically. Your upgraded system will also be configured with telnet/ftp; if you are inclined, you can install additional modifications, as well!

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if you want to buy a bigger hard drive get that .iso image and copy to said drive... adds usb networking access (???) --see the description there

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Global Warming. It's always global warming. (techno-conspiracy)

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* more advertising everywhere... in real-space not just e-space. Governments will take more advertising from business corporations to fund goverment expenses.
* significant demise of Windows Desktop OS -- expect regular Linux bulk sales, primarily via Ubuntu gaining still -- first hearing about more school deployments and you'll hear more about the operating system get into large corporate environment. It'll take some momentum but something significant will happen with OpenOffice... either major fork and deployment or significant improvements. Tipping point for OpenOffice will get close if not tip.
* expect to see even more Linux options inside or along side OS X, as well as more Linux into more appliances (cars, radios, televisions, stereo amps, etc.)
* long black clothing... the new black (again); shiny grey (as a color fad) will again take some popularity (2Q '09) but will be replaced by boring muted red/purples by 3Q.

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lol!!! I am on the edge of my seat. This is like the Donkey Kong kill screen? You can only play for a few seconds and then Mario will die... right in the middle of your "Chuck" episode.

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Am interested in the exact Dunn Edwards paint you used. Do you have the can around still? Is it a standard paint they still sell? Thanks for the article.

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I re-read this.... good article. Should say, I finally "read" this one... as opposed to trying to skim. This one is worth the read just because it's written at a pace that helped me ponder what I need to do about storing archives.

I want to save pictures like you did, but also integrate the last 10 years of email, probably into Thunderbird storage so I can search on it.

I ordered my 1.5TB drives this week. Am going with www.openfiler.com using an older PC that has space for like 6 or 8 drives. (I may have to upgrade the power supply some time.) For now I think I am going to try to get iSCSI to work and just mount the drives individually... although I might mirror them and just have them mount separately. I have to see how much space I'll need.

Regarding your movie rips -- I think I will just "save" them inside a popcorn hour and not back them up. It's a huge time-loser risk if the drives fails, especially considering I'll probably drag the Popcorn hour from place to place. Perhaps in a few months I'll buy another backup drive for it. But for now I'm thinking I'll just leave all my movies on the Popcorn hour and not on the main storage NAS. (Can the Popcorn hour be used as a slow NAS? -i.e. can I GET the movie to play on a PC/Mac from the Popcorn Hour? If so that will confirm it's the way for me to go.)

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global warming = global snow. sure. it makes sense. ... maybe. it could.